FAQ’s–Find answers to your questions here

      Kiron offers lots of support to students, for example, our online help center, mentoring programs or occasional internship programs. You can also take online courses to learn new skills for a job and put on your CV. However, we don’t offer career counseling, job or internship placement services. 
      If you live in Jordan or Lebanon, you can get lots of information and guidance about how to apply to university in these countries. However, you don’t get admitted to any university automatically just because you study with Kiron.
      All courses and offers that you find on Kiron Campus are free for Kiron students. However, Kiron doesn’t support courses that you can't find on Kiron Campus. If you want to take a course outside our offer, then you need to pay for it yourself.
      \n\nYou need 4 basic things to apply and study with Kiron: \n
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      • A document that proves your status as a refugee, asylum seeker, internally displaced person, or belonging to another underserved community. If you don’t have an official document, download this one and let it be signed by a camp manager or an NGO representative.
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      • A computer, tablet, or smartphone
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      • A stable internet connection 
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      • Time to study
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      \n\nStudying online means taking all your courses through a computer, smartphone, or tablet device.\n\nKiron Campus is the central platform that connects you to all the courses and support available to you. \n\nA stable internet connection is very important because your course activities take place online. If you do not have internet access at home, find a library or internet cafe with good internet access. \n\nStudying online provides a lot of flexibility – you can study anytime and anywhere. This also means that you are responsible for your own progress, so you need to stay motivated and find time to study. Connecting with other students in our community can help you stay motivated. \n\n
      At Kiron, you can start at any time. Since you will be learning online, there are no semesters like at school or university, so it is important to organize your own time. There are two types of courses available on Kiron Campus:
      • Self-paced: you can start these courses at any time you want and take the time you need to finish them.
      • Courses with a time limit: those courses have a fixed start date and final date but you are flexible to choose when and how much you study during the week. 
      We strongly recommend that you don't study more than three courses at the same time. Finish a course before you enroll in a new one.
      No, you can’t get a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree because Kiron is not a university. However, you can get certificates for the courses and programs you finished. You can also get a document that lists all courses you successfully studied with Kiron (“Transcript of Records”).
      All courses and offers that you find on Kiron Campus are free of charge for Kiron students.  Kiron can’t give you any other direct financial support, for example, for housing, internet access, or university studies. We also don’t support courses that you can’t find on Kiron Campus. If you want to take a course outside our offer, then you need to pay for it yourself.
      At the moment, we offer online English courses from Levels A2 to B2. We currently offer one German language course, "German B1" on our Campus. We still encourage you to sign up for Kiron so we can inform you when we have new courses.