Corporate Mentoring

A successful study and career experience requires dedication and motivation – especially for young international newcomers who are seeking second chances in their new host countries. Mentors inspire and guide young bright minds in Computer Science, Business & Economics, Social Work, Political Science and Mechanical Engineering and enable them to reach their full potential.


With our Kiron corporate mentoring program we match corporate experience with international talent. Offer your employees to become trained as mentors, learn how they can reach young diverse talents and set them on their right career paths.

  • Become a leader in corporate citizenship. Make a sustainable corporate contribution and change the course of a young life.
  • Access to talent. Get to know young international talents and  mentor high potentials early own!
  • Offer a high quality employer experience. Corporate volunteering is the future of challenging your employees to grow and think outside the box. Engage your employees and coworkers in an innovative skills development program with a social benefit.
  • Get professionally trained to guide and motivate by our established mentoring partners. Let your employees learn how to lead and motivate future generations. Live diversity and bring inspiration into your company.

Our mentoring program in short

  • Duration and time commitment:  4 months incl. 3 hours of mentoring training (webinar) und 10 one-hour mentoring sessions
  • Service: Volunteer Vision and Kiron are the contact point for any questions and support you may need.
  • Matching process: The Volunteer Vision matching algorithm ensures that mentees and mentors are matched based on shared personality traits and goals.
  • Evaluation: Volunteer Vision provides detailed impact reports focusing on the scientific measurement of the corporate added-value (business case) as well as societal impact. For more info visit our website.
  • Cost: Contact us for more information! A special offer is available for companies based in Berlin.

Corporate volunteering: Become an online mentor!

Volunteer Vision connects employees of our corporate partners desiring to mentor online with Kiron students. Our Kiron online mentoring program is designed to follow the highest e-learning standards as well as state-of-the-art mentoring techniques. All formats focus on supporting our students in accessing the job market as well as boosting their academic career. The concept is simple:


  • Mentors are trained in online webinars focusing on mentoring methods, dealing with e-learning materials and getting to know the target-group.
  • A matching algorithm ensures that mentees and mentors are matched based on shared personality traits and goals.
  • Specifically developed and academically verified e-learning material ensure a format high in structure and quality.
  • The mentoring takes place via video-chat in a digital learning platform.
  • Mentees are able to work on their academic as well as professional goals while employees gain new perspectives and contribute positively to society. Participating companies offer employees modern corporate volunteering opportunities.

Volunteer Vision is the first provider of online mentoring programs in the area of corporate volunteering with a focus on professional orientation. Mentors are employees from companies from a diverse range of sectors, who contribute to society using a software-as-a-service solution. Learn more here.