Social Work

There is increasing interest in and understanding of the question, “How can social sciences be used to solve practical problems?” Our Social Work study track will make you an academically trained, hands-on expert in solving social problems. With a degree in Social Work, you will be able to act in ways that are scientifically meaningful, responsible and professional. Social work programs usually have different focuses. The Kiron core curriculum provides you with basic competency in the fields of human sciences, social justice, interculturality and diversity.

Key learning outcomes

After successfully completing the Social Work core curriculum, you will:

  • understand what social work is about and what it is good for
  • have basic knowledge of social theories related to social work as an academic discipline
  • gain a basic understanding of the methods used in social work and, in particular, of health as an area of social work

Where will this degree take you?

Once you complete your studies at one of our partner universities, you can pursue a career in various fields, including, among others, health care, drug prevention, youth welfare, social welfare and HR, and can work in information centers, family centers and nursery schools, as well as with people with disabilities.