Political Science

Political Science deals with the process of political decision-making in modern societies. In this study track, you will learn how political processes work in states, private companies and civil societies. Political scientists use scientific theories and methods to identify and analyze political scenarios and challenges. As part of the Kiron core curriculum in Political Science you will gain basic competency in areas such as sociology, globalization, international development and policy analysis.

Key learning outcomes

After successfully completing the Political Science core curriculum, you will:

  • understand what political science is about and what it can be used for
  • have basic knowledge of both political theory and research practice in political science
  • have a critical, theoretically in-depth and scientifically driven perspective on global political challenges

Where will this degree take you?

Once you complete your studies at one of our partner universities, you can pursue a career in various sectors, including government and ministries, international organizations, public institutions, media and PR and consulting, among many others.