Mechanical Engineering

Is math a breeze for you? Are you fascinated by technical systems and technologies? Then you should consider studying engineering. The Kiron Engineering Department helps you gain fundamental scientific and technical knowledge in various fields of engineering, and teaches an engineering approach to solving real-life problems.

Key learning outcomes

Through your engineering studies at Kiron, you will:

  • gain the fundamental skills and mindset necessary for all engineers
  • be able to analyze real-world problems and approach them analytically
  • be capable of developing engineering models and applying them to solving actual engineering problems

Where will this degree take you?

Kiron currently offers a Mechanical Engineering study track and is planning on offering others soon. Mechanical engineering involves designing, producing and operating machinery. A degree in mechanical engineering opens up a wide variety of career possibilities to you in both academia and industry, including in the automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, energy and robotics sectors, among others. Kiron’s Mechanical Engineering study track begins with scientific basics in areas such as mathematics, physics and chemistry. These are followed by more technical foundations in mechanics, materials science, thermodynamics, electronics and manufacturing technologies. Interdisciplinary skills in project management, quality management and business administration are also covered to various extents.