Computer Science

Computing and computer technology are part of just about everything that touches our lives, from the cars we drive and the movies we watch to the various ways we interact with each other. Whether you want to create the next hot app or make a positive difference in the world by developing innovative technologies in science, studying computing will give you a foundation of knowledge, problem-solving skills and habits of logical thinking for a competitive edge and a career in a field that will never be obsolete. Kiron’s Computer Science curriculum offers an in-depth introduction to the mathematical and engineering basics of the discipline and gives you the tools and knowledge necessary for a successful research, industrial and entrepreneurial career in computing.

Key learning outcomes

A series of core courses gives you a thorough foundation in analysis, linear algebra, programming principles, algorithms, complexity management and computing systems. It also offers considerable flexibility in selecting courses on topics such as cryptography, artificial intelligence, statistics and web programming. Interdisciplinary skills in business administration and law are also covered to complement the computer science curriculum.

By successfully completing the computer science track, you will:

  • be able to analyze a complex problem and develop and implement an efficient solution
  • gain a profound understanding of both hardware and software
  • be able to work independently and in a structured manner
  • be capable of developing comprehensive computer programs as part of a team
  • gain knowledge of contemporary issues related to computer science & engineering

Where will this degree take you?

There are excellent career prospects for computer scientists in many occupational fields since information technology is essential in almost all areas. Computer scientists have great job opportunities as researchers, developers, programmers or consultants in various industries including, among others, the automotive, mechanical, medical, financial and research sectors.