Business & Economics

Our Business & Economics core curriculum offers the best of both worlds: The Economics modules explore, on a theoretical level, how modern economies work and fit into a larger social framework, while the Business modules show, on a practical level, how to run a business. Following a course of study in our Business & Economics track and completing your degree at a partner university gives you a set of intellectual and hands-on skills that make you particularly competitive in the job market.

Key learning outcomes

This study track begins by teaching you the basics of both Business Administration and Economics, including, for example, basic math & statistics, marketing, accounting, human resources and an introduction to the forces that drive our economy on the macro and micro level.

After successfully completing the Business & Economics curriculum, you will:

  • be able to make informed decisions to ensure sustainable business success in a complex and fast-paced environment
  • be capable of applying economic theory to solving real-world economic problems
  • be equipped with core transferable skills (e.g. using quantitative methods and model thinking) to help you succeed in any future career

Where will this degree take you?
A degree in Business & Economics offers excellent career opportunities across sectors ranging from governmental institutions to private companies. In addition, a bachelor’s degree in Business & Economics qualifies you to apply to a range of master’s degree programs worldwide. Further specialization opens up a number of career paths in areas that include, among others, human resources, marketing, accounting and consulting.