Student Services

The freedom and flexibility of online learning comes with its own challenges, especially as regards self-organization and motivation. As a result, we have developed and are continuing to improve various services designed to support you in your studies and to empower you to become – if you aren’t already! – a successful online and offline learner.

Help Desk

The Help Desk is at the heart of our student support services. You can contact the Help Desk via email or through Kiron Campus, our study platform. The Help Desk also answers your program-specific questions, from admissions to technical support to issues regarding partner universities. To guarantee more consistent quality we have expanded our question database and improved our standard responses.


Student Forum

The Student Forum is an online platform where you can interact with volunteers and staff, creating an online community and support system for students all around the world. This feature is only available to you as a Kiron student. The forum has various channels, ranging from updates on new Kiron features, study track specific sections and general areas for discussion. You can also post questions and have discussions with fellow students and more experienced student forum volunteers (who, as Kiron students themselves, offer effective peer support as moderators). The chat function encourages you to interact with Kiron employees. In addition, you can team up with study groups in the forum to receive and offer support concerning course-specific issues. Invitations are also posted to any local events that may be taking place in your city. What’s more, the forum allows you to give Kiron feedback, connect with people locally and meet fellow learners and Kiron students online or offline. The Kiron Student Forum is a two-way exchange between you and Kiron’s staff, allowing you to stay in close contact with us.


The Kiron Counseling Service offers you support in dealing with personal challenges or stressful situations during your studies. Our team of professional counselors provides free and confidential counseling in several languages via video chat, email or (if possible) in person (this option is currently available in Berlin and Hamburg, Germany). We offer you up to five counseling sessions and, if necessary, try to set you up with long-term support services, such as psychotherapy.

Online Mentoring Program

In order to help you to successfully manage your studies and boost your academic career, Kiron offers an Online Mentoring Program to students based in Germany. You get matched with an experienced professional from one of our partner companies – your personal mentor. Together you will work on achieving your personal and academic goals, overcoming your individual challenges and further developing your self-organization and self-motivation skills as well as individual learning strategies. The 10 mentoring sessions are held via video chat on an online mentoring platform which is managed by our partner Volunteer Vision.

Student Guidance & Communications

Student Guidance & Communications at Kiron aims to offer you, as a prospective or actual student, guidance at all stages of your studies. Before and during the beginning of your studies, Student Guidance provides information and advice to help you make informed and self-determined decisions about studying with Kiron and choosing a study track. For this purpose, in the spring of 2017, Kiron is launching the Student Navigator, an online study-orientation and self-assessment tool. Kiron is also continuing to improve its onboarding procedures and even has video courses on how to make the most of studying online. During your studies, you can request advice about enrolling in courses and creating curricula. Towards the end of your Kiron studies, we offer personal guidance counseling that focuses on preparing you to apply to partner universities. We also support you to ensure that these universities recognize the modules you have completed with Kiron.