Quality Handbook


Kiron Open Higher Education (gGmbH) is an EdTech nonprofit organization which facilitates access to higher education. This is made possible through online study programmes and partnerships with higher education institutions and online education providers. However, Kiron’s goal to get MOOC-based academic achievements recognized by higher educationinstitutions requires quality assurance that offers the grade awarding institutions security in dealing with Kiron’s learning offers.

Kiron believes that a strong network of institutions that combine their quality processes can enable the equivalence of non-formal curricula with traditional quality-assured programmes.

To define its own contribution to this process of joint quality assurance, Kiron developed four research-based principles that form the basis of its quality assurance:

1) Implementation of International Standards, 2) Cooperation and Partnerships, 3) Transparency and Communication and 4) Continuous Development. This handbook presents these principles and Kiron’s processes for curriculum development and partnership with higher education institutions in order to share them transparently with external institutions and experts.


Download the full Quality Handbook here.