Pedagogical approach

Kiron follows a fully competency-based and learning-outcome oriented pedagogical approach that aims to provide a holistic study experience. Because it combines digital (synchronous-asynchronous) and traditional blending (online-offline), we call the educational program behind this Blended Learning 2.0.

Based on pre-defined learning outcomes, we complement scalable, mostly self-paced MOOCs with module-based tutorials during the online study phase. The Kiron Direct Academics Program supports our students in reaching the intended goals/learning outcomes and strengthens student/instructor interaction. Also the overall Kiron learning environment continually encourages our students to reflect upon their learning outcomes and learning process. Our Student Services provide guidance and support whenever needed during this process and facilitate an active student community.

Within this approach, we see self-regulation and ownership but also students’ intrinsic and extrinsic motivation as key for our students’ success. In order to achieve that, we work hard to provide an engaging, motivating and participatory learning environment that empowers our students to become competent, self-reflected, and active members of society.