Social Work

The Kiron Social Work core curriculum offers a broad theoretical and basic scientific foundation in social work as an academic discipline. Studies in related sciences such as sociology and psychology give students an understanding of social work’s theoretical embeddedness. While the Kiron core curriculum provides basic knowledge in the fields of education and social justice, it puts the strongest emphasis on health studies, offering two related modules: Health Studies I+II. In addition, the Social Management module teaches key skills for managing social projects.


Name: Health Studies I

Workload: 7 CP


This module introduces students to the social construction and embeddedness of health and disease in societies. In this way, it offers students a socially critical perspective on health and disease. In addition, students are introduced to the main social institutions involved in treating health and disease.

Learning outcomes

After successfully completing this module, students will:

  • have a basic understanding of social empirical research on health
  • have a basic understanding of the main institutional healthcare providers
  • have a basic understanding of population health
  • understand contemporary regional and world health issues
  • understand the social meaning of health/ disease
  • understand the social construction of health/ disease


An Introduction to Population Health, University of Manchester
Healthcare Delivery Providers, University of Minnesota
Community Change in Public Health, Johns Hopkins University
The Social Context of Mental Health and Illness, University of Toronto
Health and Society (archived), Harvard University
Global Adolescent Health, The University of Melbourne