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What is Kiron?

Kiron is a nonprofit organization that wants to help refugees, displaced persons and disadvantaged citizens in Lebanon access higher education. Kiron provides a bridge to continue or begin studying at a university-level.

  • Kiron is a learning opportunity, but it is not a university.
  • With Kiron you can get certificates from our course providers for individual courses, but no degree.
  • Kiron is for free, but only for refugees, IDPs, and disadvantaged Lebanese citizens.
  • Kiron can help you transfer to an official university, but only if you live in Germany, Jordan, and Lebanon.
  • Kiron can guide you, but you are not automatically admitted to a university. Admission requirements are still high and set by the universities.

How do I study at Kiron?

Kiron’s academic model has three overlapping phases: online, university transfer, offline. Every phase has different requirements that you need to fulfill.


  • Chose a study track
  • Study on our virtual Kiron Campus
  • Take online courses and modules
  • Improve your foreign language skills
  • While you prepare formal access to the higher education system of your host country (e.g. defined legal status, language skills, collect missing documents)


  • Identify (partner) universities where you are qualified to study
  • Apply to a (partner) university

If you are accepted into university, you will continue with the offline phase. Kiron cannot guarantee you will be accepted to an official university.

III. OFFLINE PHASE at a (partner) university:

  • Apply for recognition of your Kiron Credits
  • Continue your studies offline at that university
  • Get your Bachelor’s degree from that university

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General requirements

The Kiron online phase and the university offline phase of your studies have different requirements. To get a Bachelor’s degree you need to apply and get accepted at an official (partner) university. Being a Kiron student does not guarantee a successful admission.

Requirements for starting your ONLINE studies with Kiron:

  • A document which proves that you are a refugee, an IDP (internally displaced person) or a Lebanese citizen in Lebanon. If you are Syrian living in Lebanon and could not get registered at the UNHCR, you can use your Syrian ID for your application.
  • Regular access to the Internet
  • Regular access to computer / tablet (highly recommended)
  • Completion of the registration process
  • English language skills (minimum B1)
  • Time and commitment to study

Requirements for starting your OFFLINE studies at a (partner) university:

  • Each (partner) university has local requirements. Please inform yourself about local requirements before your application.
  • Kiron can only support your transfer process, but it is on you to meet the requirements set by the university and get accepted

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How much does it cost?

Your online studies with Kiron are free of charge.

For your offline studies you might face costs for application, enrolment and tuition fees charged by the universities.