University application in Jordan

What are the requirements for studying at a Jordanian university?
General requirements for studying at a university in Jordan:

  • a legal permit for staying in Jordan, e.g. citizenship, a residency permit, a student visa or a UNHCR registration
  • a Jordanian General Secondary School Certificate (Tawjihi) or an equivalent high school diploma from another country that is verified by the Jordanian Ministry of Education.
  • a sufficient level of Arabic and English
  • free capacities at the chosen university
  • the required stream within the Jordanian General Secondary School Certificate (Tawjihi) or equivalence (such as scientific steam, literary stream, industrial stream…etc.) and the required grade point average (GPA)

Note: There are more specific requirements depending on the university and the Bachelor’s program. Please refer to the respective university website for more details.

What can I study with Kiron?
For students in Jordan we recommend to study the following Kiron study tracks to prepare for transfer

  • Business & Economics
  • Computer Science

Note: All other Kiron study tracks are available for online studying but there are no agreements for credit recognition with partner universities.

Where can I study?

Kiron is cooperating with certain universities (partner universities) regarding credit recognition where you can finalize your Bachelor’s degree if you fulfil the admission and transfer requirements. Kiron is supporting you in the two-step transfer process: (1) get accepted as a student (2) get the Kiron Credits recognized. Kiron does not guarantee a placement at a university.

Partner universities in Jordan