Social Work

The Kiron study track Social Work will make you an academically trained, yet hands-on expert in tackling social issues like health problems related to social status, family violence, or problems that underprivileged groups such as the homeless or refugees might have.

After successfully completing the Social Work core curriculum, you will:

  • Outline what Social Work as a discipline is about and what purposes it serves
  • Explain scientific theories related to Social Work as an academic discipline
  • Apply a number of Social Work methods 
  • Discuss a number of different issues related to Social Work, like the connection between social status and health or social justice
Topics & contents

The modules offered in the Kiron Social Work study track cover the foundations of the field, for example:

  • Social Work as a discipline and a profession
  • Health Studies
  • Social Management
  • Education

Course material & assignments

The Kiron Social Work study track includes MOOCs (live and self-paced). Most of the MOOCs feature:

  • Video lectures
  • Additional readings

All courses have

  • Non-graded exercises (e.g. practice quizzes, practice problem sets)
  • Graded assignments (e.g. quizzes, homework sets, problem sets)

Some courses have midterm and final exams in form of:

  • Multiple choice tests
  • Peer-reviewed assignments for research projects or pieces of writing
Basic requirements
  • English language proficiency (level B2 recommended)

Not sure if you have the skills to take courses in Social Work right away? Kiron offers preparatory courses and language courses to help you get you started.

Is this the right study track for me?
  • You have a passion for directly helping people in need in a professional way?
  • You are all about “doing something practical”, but in an informed and reflected way?
  • You have a positive attitude towards human beings and a high degree of social and communication skills?
  • You are a resilient, self-motivating person who can tolerate being confronted with personal problems of others on a daily basis while often facing a lack of resources in terms of finances and staff?

If your answer is “yes” to all, Social Work is the right study track for you!