Political Science

Politics is about making decisions that affect entire societies such as: immigration policy, taxation, the education system or even a declaration of war. Political Science investigates such political decision-making in modern societies.

After successfully completing courses from the Political Science study track you can:

  • Understand how Political Science produces scientific knowledge
  • Explain how this scientific knowledge about politics differs from everyday knowledge about political issues
  • Analyze political phenomena in a critical, scientifically profound way
  • Communicate your findings professionally in written and oral form


Topics & contents

The modules offered in the Kiron Political Science study track cover a range of foundation courses in this field of study, for example:

  • Political Philosophy
  • Comparative Politics
  • Research Methods and Statistics
  • International Relations
  • European Integration Studies

Course material & assignments

The Kiron Political Science study track includes MOOCs as well as Direct Academics tutorials. Most of the MOOCs feature:

  • Video lectures
  • Required readings
  • Recommendations for further reading

All courses have:

  • Non-graded exercises (e.g. practice quizzes, practice problem sets)
  • Graded assignments (e.g. quizzes, homework sets, problem sets)

Some courses have midterm and final exams in form of:

  • Multiple choice tests
  • Peer-reviewed assignments for research projects or pieces of writing
Basic requirements
  • English language proficiency (level B2 recommended)
  • A basic understanding of European and world history, especially about the historical development of modern states

Not sure if you have the skills to take courses in Political Science right away? Kiron offers a range of preparatory courses and language courses to help you get you started.

Is this the right study track for me?
  • You have a interest in political issues like international relations, European integration, economic or social policy?
  • You want to gain a structured understanding about why and how certain political decisions are made?
  • You like to read and produce structured arguments in writing?
  • You also like statistics?
  • You can follow abstract lines of reasoning in a subject where many insights cannot be demonstrated by experiment or physically observed?

If your answer is “yes” to all, Political Science is the right study track for you!