Kiron Language School

Improving your language skills is a very important part of studying with Kiron. Kiron offers language courses in different online and offline course formats for:

  •       English
  •       German
  •       French


I want to learn online with Kiron

Most of the online course material is in English. A suggested starting language level in English is B2 (upper intermediate). When you begin to study with Kiron, we recommend that you achieve the necessary level of English language proficiency in order to follow your online courses.

You are not sure if your English level is good enough to study with us?

You can find out your English skills with this free English test. The test will take you between 5 and 10 minutes.

At the end of the test you will receive a score from 0 to 25.Please find below how your test score translates into your English level (A2.1, A2.2,…):

Test score Your approx. English level
23-25 C2
22 C1
20-21 B2.2/higher B2
18-19 B2.1/lower B2
16-17 B1.2 /lower B2
13-15 B1.1/ lower B1
11-12 A2.2/higher A2
6-10 A2.1/lower A2