Business & Economics

The study track Business & Economics offers the best of both worlds

  • Business: Learn how to lead a successful and sustainable business in a complex and fast-paced environment
  • Economics: Learn how to transfer economic theory to real-world economic problems
Topics & contents

The modules offered cover the fundamentals in Business & Economics.

Business and Economics starts with:

  •       Introduction into Business
  •       Marketing
  •       Business English
  •       Information Systems
  •       Mathematical Foundations

During your studies you will get familiar with:

  •       Financial & Management Accounting
  •       Organization & Human Resources
  •       Microeconomics
  •       Statistics
  •       Law & Business
  •       Macroeconomics

Watch this short video about the study track Business and Economics.

Course material & assignments

The Kiron Business & Economics study track includes online courses (live and self-paced).

Most of the courses feature:

  •       Video lectures accompanied by
  •       Additional reading materials
  •       Demonstrations
  •       Interactive applications

All courses have weekly:

  •       Non-graded exercises (e.g. practice quizzes, practice problem sets)
  •       Graded assignments (e.g. quizzes, homework sets, problem sets) 

Some courses have midterm and final exams in form of:

  •       Multiple choice tests
  •       Completing questions (filling gaps with some numeric value, formula or text) 
  • Peer-reviewed assignments for experiment results or text composition
Basic requirements
  • English language proficiency (level B2 recommended)

Not sure if you have the skills to take courses in Business & Economics right away? Kiron offers a range of preparatory and language courses to help you get you started.

Is this the right study track for me?

Are you interested in…

  •       …how companies function?
  •       …the world of economy?
  •       …setting up your own business?
  •       …mathematics and calculations?
  •       …learning about topics which can be adapted in any context? 

If you can answer “yes” to all, Business & Economics is a good study track for you!