How Kiron works

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What does Kiron do?

Kiron is a nonprofit organization that wants to help refugees access higher education.

Outside of our focus countries Kiron has a limited offer:

  • Kiron is a learning opportunity, but not a university. Kiron does not provide direct access to university or degrees.
  • Kiron is for free, but only for refugees, IDPs and asylum seekers.
How can I study with Kiron?

For applicants outside of focus countries, Kiron provides individual online learning opportunities.  You can access

  • our online courses and
  • engage in our global student community

to learn on your own account.

Kiron does not offer any degree or transfer options. 

What are the requirements?

Requirements for studying online with Kiron:

  • Proof that you are refugee, asylum seeker or IDP (internally displaced person)
  • Regular access to the Internet
  • Regular access to a computer/ tablet (or smartphone)
  • Completion of the registration process
  • English language skills (minimum level B1)


How much does it cost?

Your online studies with Kiron are free of charge.

Kiron does not provide scholarships or study visas.