Alternatives to Kiron

Studying towards a Bachelor’s degree with Kiron is not the only way to get a degree or access the job market in Germany.

I want to get a professional degree.

For a lot of jobs, you do not need to study at a university to get the qualification.

Germany is well-known for the high quality of its vocational training (“Ausbildung”). Usually, you go to school and work in a company at the same time to learn one of more than 400 official professions, from Kindergarten teacher to IT systems electronic technician.

Why do an Ausbildung?

  • Access barriers (e.g. language, qualifications) are lower than for university
  • Students already get paid during their education
  • Asylum can be granted for the course of the education
  • Learning is more practical/ hands-on

I want to learn more about how to get a professional degree.

I want to get a Master’s degree or a PhD.

Kiron only offers courses on a Bachelor’s level. The five study tracks are: Business & Economics, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Political Science and Social Work.

Kiron does not offer any Master’s or PhD level courses.

If you want to start a Master’s or PhD degree, please have a look at the links here. (LINK to: links/studying in germany)

If you found a program, we recommend to check with the university offering the program if your degree is recognized as such in Germany. For a first overview you can check the anabin database. More links about recognition here. [Link to: Links/recognition in Germany]

I have a (professional or university) degree and I want to work right away
  1. Find out if you need official recognition to work in your profession.
    Recognition or recognizing means to compare a qualification or a degree from another country with one from Germany.
    For example: If you have a Bachelor’s in Business you can apply for jobs directly with your certificate (or the translation).
  2. Find out how your degree is recognized in Germany.
  3. For example: If you went to a professional school that lasted 2 years you might get partial recognition and need to add some more classes/ work experience.

Recognition is possible for

  • School leaving certificates
  • Professional degrees
  • and certain academic degrees

Find out where to get further counsel & info for each type of qualification here [Link: Links/recognition in Germany].
Klick here [Link: Links/ Working in Germany] for more info on how to find work in Germany.

I don't have any degree but I want to work right away

Klick here  [Link: Links/ Working in Germany] for more info on how to find work in Germany.

I am not sure what I want to do. I want to explore my options.

Coming Soon.