What Kiron is not

Kiron is an innovative organization with a lot to offer. However, it is important to also understand the limitations of our services. To reduce misunderstandings, we would like to clarify what Kiron is not and what we cannot offer students.

Kiron is not a university

Kiron is a nonprofit organization that wants to help refugees access higher education. Kiron provides a bridge to continue or begin studying at a university-level.

  • Kiron itself does not award official degrees. Students first need to transfer to a (partner) university to finish their degree.
  • At the moment, Kiron is supporting students living in our focus countries: Germany, Jordan and Lebanon.
  • Outside of those countries, we do not have partnerships and cannot provide individual support in getting an official university degree.
Kiron does not guarantee admission to a university
  • The universities set their own requirements for admission. Kiron students need to meet the requirements.
  • Kiron does not replace a university entrance qualification.
Kiron does not provide direct legal, financial, or political aid

Outside of education, Kiron cannot help you with any challenges of your migration process.

  • Enrolment with Kiron does not provide any legal status as a student (e.g. for a student visa) in any country.
  • Kiron does not hand out direct cash funding for housing, travel or internet access etc.

Here are useful links to other organizations in Germany, Jordan and Lebanon.

Kiron does not offer Master or PhD level courses

Kiron only provides courses at a Bachelor’s level as well as preparatory and language courses.

Here are useful links and alternatives for Germany, Jordan and Lebanon.