Prep Courses

It can be difficult to start right away with the courses in the study tracks, especially if you have not taken any online courses before, or if it’s your first time taking courses in English. In this case, we recommend you start studying with our prep courses first.


What are Prep Courses?

Prep Course is short for pre-college level preparatory course. Prep courses can help you reinforce study material and give you the foundations for other courses.

We recommend that you take prep courses during your first months at Kiron if you need them. You can always refer back to them during your studies.

What can I learn in Kiron's Prep Courses?
  • Get to know academic research and writing
  • Improve your methods for academic work
  • Learn important basics that you need to succeed in the core curriculum courses
  • Refresh your math skills
  • Learn some basic facts about European institutions

And lots more!