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Kiron Open Higher Education is a non-profit organization supporting access to higher education for refugees and asylum seekers. Kiron is a learning opportunity, but it is not a university. With Kiron you can get certificates from our course providers for individual courses, but no degree.

Please note that unfortunately Kiron cannot:

  • provide you with a degree
  • support you with visa application or process
  • give you direct financial aid

You can study with Kiron for as long as you like – there are no time requirements or commitments. You can also decide to take a break and then come back- because our study offer is online, there is no limit on the number of students we can enrol.

What are the requirements for studying in Germany?

If you want a degree from a higher education institution (like a university) in Germany, the first thing to do is always to check the requirements for the specific program you are interested in. Contact the international office or check the website of the university in question.

Common Basic requirements in Germany are:

  • Meeting the language requirements
  • Having the Identification documents (ID, Passport, etc.)

For university: having a high school degree equivalent to the German high-school degree

Where can I find more information?
  1. Try to find public university programs that interest you and check their prerequisites.Contact the International Office or Student Services of the university for more info and personal guidance counseling. Alternatively, check out general educational guidance counseling offers such as JMD/ GFH or MBE (if you are older than 27).
  2. Check the anabin database (via uni-assist) to get a first idea how your school-leaving certificate is recognized in Germany.

To help you reach your goals, we have designed tools to guide you through the application steps on the Kiron Campus. Register or Log in here.