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We know you are committed to helping people move forward by supporting innovative projects in the education sector. We support young refugees in Europe and the MENA region by giving them access to higher education which provides them with job opportunities.


Together we can collaborate on impactful digital solutions to create global access to quality education and help refugees and underserved youth in defining and achieving their goals.



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Help us to prepare refugees for the 21st-century job market


Help us to prepare refugees for the 21st-century job market

The future of work is digital. Digital literacy and 21st-century skills are vital for labour market integration and success.

This is why Kiron has created tailor-made short programs, designed to equip students with the tools they need to succeed in the job market. Our students have come far with us, from founding their own startup,  doing internships or getting promotions.  Together we want to go even further – Share your expertise with us on the most highly-demanded skills within your industry. Help us to co-create even more short programs to target specific skills that refugees would require to prosper further within your industry. This would ensure an additional recruitment funnel with qualified candidates for you.

Reaching marginalised communities during the COVID-19 pandemic

Reaching marginalised communities during the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic shook the world in an unprecedented way.

As a consequence, already fragile communities, such as refugees, are left even more vulnerable, ostracized from society, and excluded from essential opportunities in education. NGOs and other educational institutions who have been delivering education to refugees in a brick and mortar environment have been struggling to transport their offline work to the online sphere.  As a result, many refugees have even fewer opportunities to access quality learning materials. Kiron’s expertise embodies a highly-interactive, online learning environment, and virtual communication for a very complex user.  Support Kiron in sharing its expertise globally, thus enabling successful learning in these unprecedented times.

Generating exit opportunities for refugees


Generating exit opportunities for refugees

Creating employment opportunities through virtual internships

Refugee students face additional layers of difficulty in accessing the labor market. The interrupted studies or job market experience puts them in an unfavorable position compared to their non-refugee counterparts. In addition, in Jordan and Lebanon, the social and economic prospects for refugees are even more challenging due to the complex political situation and tensions within the countries. Refugees lack basic labor market opportunities, such as internships and mentoring. Help us in designing and delivering online internships and support opportunities for refugees worldwide and contributing to your pipeline of qualified, diverse candidates.

Blended Learning in MENA and Africa

Blended Learning in MENA and Africa

Kiron has been offering blended learning opportunities – combining offline and online means – for refugees in camps and urban areas.

Besides allowing the students to dive deeper into the learning material and topics, the blended format engages students in a more active way since they are supported by a tutor throughout the course as well as by their fellow students, thus creating a vibrant learning environment. Such an ecosystem supports students in a multifaceted way, hence resulting in high success rates. Help us to support refugee students in the Middle East and Africa by expanding our offering to even more students unable to access education and learning opportunities on the ground.

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Benefits Kiron offers to students:
Language learning support
High-quality courses from top universities
Skill booster programs to prepare for the job market
I suppose that was life is, just a bunch of ideas until they become realities. Right now, my reality is education, and that’s a pretty great place to be.
- Nadeem, Kiron student

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