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COVID-19 has posed difficulties for people and companies around the world. We know you are committed to encouraging learning for all and making digital technology a driver of equal opportunities for the future work. So are we.

We are constantly innovating with partners to create job specific courses, virtual mentorships and internships opportunities, and much more. These solutions help refugees achieve their social and professional integration, can provide you with a new hiring funnel and improve diversity in your workforce, and support refugees around the world. Courses can be online and blended, and we also ensure access to the last mile, such as refugee camps. There is a whole spectrum to explore, and courses can be available to meet the needs of your own employees through our white-label or hybrid solutions.

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Navigating COVID-19 and Remote Work

Remote work and reaching marginalised communities during the COVID-19 pandemic

Remote work and reaching marginalised communities during the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic shook the world in an unprecedented way, forcing companies to go online, and leaving an already fragile community – refugees – even more vulnerable and ostracized from society and excluded from the opportunities. 

Companies, NGOs and other educational institutions who have been working or delivering education in a brick and mortar environment have been struggling to transport their offline work to the online sphere. Kiron embodies virtual communication, and our expertise lies in supporting our community to access and use digital opportunities by offering course, community elements and other virtual tools, and training for teachers and trainers online. We are able to provide access to programs for facilitators, tutors, and online teachers to create a fluid online or blended experiences. Support Kiron in sharing its expertise globally, thus enabling successful working, learning and teaching in difficult environments.

Digital Education for Your Roles

Help us to prepare refugees for the 21st-century job market


Help us to prepare refugees for the 21st-century job market

The future of work is digital and digital literacy and 21st-century skills are vital for labour market integration and success.

This is why Kiron has created tailor-made short programs, designed to equip students with the tools they need to succeed in the job market. Co-create courses to match your needs and the roles that you have available, and help ensure an additional recruitment funnel with qualified candidates. Our short programs teach students skills such as language, presentations, programming, and web design, and they are among our most widely used features on our digital Kiron Campus. Our students have come far with us, from founding their own startup to starting internships or getting promotions, but together we want to go further. Help us to create even more short programs so that we can prepare refugees for your needs, and the 21st-century job market.

Diversity and Women's Empowerment

Supporting women through targeted action and community

Supporting women through targeted action and community

Female Empowerment is at the heart of what we do, be it through specific projects, campaigns, or features on our digital Kiron Campus, our female students find a supportive and productive community with Kiron. 

Digital education is particularly relevant for female learners as care and child responsibilities, as well as cultural factors, often prevent them from participating in more traditional forms of education and work. Today only around 25% of our purely online students are women, but through our blended courses in the Middle East, these numbers are above 40%. These programs have proved to be popular and successful, yet we have a long way to go. Support us in bringing digital education to more women, and even more female refugees worldwide. Empower them by providing opportunities, virtual mentorship and internships, and diversify your own community. We can also support your workforce through our white label solution, building on our extensive experience in working with with diverse groups of women in different contexts around the world. 

Blended Learning in MENA and Africa

Blended Learning in MENA and Africa

Blended Learning in MENA and Africa

Kiron has been offering blended learning opportunities – combining offline and online means – for refugees in camps and urban areas.

Besides allowing the students to dive deeper into the learning material and topics, the blended format engages students in a more active way since they are supported by a tutor throughout the course as well as by the fellow students, thus creating a vibrant learning environment. Kiron is also working with African partners from the Smart Africa Initiative, and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development to develop a pan-African e-learning platform.  As the first content for the project’s learning platform atingi, Kiron also developed specialized curricula for digital courses. Help us to support refugee students in the Middle East and Africa by expanding our offering to even more students unable to access education and learning opportunities on the ground.

Digital Communities

Putting people first through community building

Transform through Education

Putting people first through community building

We believe learning happens in a community but refugees and displaced people often find themselves isolated and with little contact to wider communities.

That is why the digital Kiron Campus includes extensive community features such as message boards, chats, and digital classrooms which connect students all over the world to form a vibrant community online. We are really proud of the support that our students give to each other and we want to enable them to do more. Help us to expand our community features on the campus to create an even larger fellowship of students worldwide.

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I think, studying with Kiron is what I need to ‘cultivate integration’! Thanks Looking forward to learning and learning.
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