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We know you are passionate about increasing the formal and non-formal educational opportunities available to marginalized youth around the world. So are we.


Together we can bring learning resources to communities worldwide to create a more connected and equal world through digital solutions.

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Open up access to higher education for refugees and vulnerable communities

Open up access to higher education for refugees and vulnerable communities

A university education remains an impossible dream for most displaced people worldwide with more than 97% of refugees unable access to higher education.

Since 2015, Kiron has worked to change that. Not only have we enabled students to transfer to a university and continue the studies that they started on our digital campus, we have also made significant contributions to the acceptance of digital education in higher education. By creating change on an individual and systemic level, we open up access to higher education for refugees and vulnerable communities. Join us in making an impossible dream possible.

Putting people first through community building

Putting people first through community building

We believe learning happens in a community but refugees and displaced people often find themselves isolated and with little contact to wider communities. That is why the digital Kiron Campus includes extensive community features such as message boards, chats, and digital classrooms which connect students all over the world to form a vibrant community online. We are really proud of the support that our students give to each other and we want to enable them to do more. Help us to expand our community features on the campus to create an even larger fellowship of students worldwide.

Digital education for integration

Digital education for integration

Arriving in a new country poses particular challenges: orientation in new systems, overcoming language barriers and finding a community are just some examples where Kiron is making a real difference in the lives of refugees and displaced people.

Through Kiron, students have free access to language classes, to courses ranging from business to social work topics, and to a vibrant online community where they find support and advice. By learning new skills, connecting with a community and receiving orientation support, Kiron students can take the first steps towards settling and integrating into their new communities. Support us in expanding our offer and making it available to even more refugees worldwide/in a particular country.

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On Kiron Campus, our online learning platform, students have access to free online study programs. Here they can also connect with a global student community.
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Let’s create the future together and empower the next generation of change-makers.

Benefits Kiron offers to students:
Language learning support
High-quality courses from top universities
Skill booster programs to prepare for the job market
I suppose that was life is, just a bunch of ideas until they become realities. Right now, my reality is education, and that’s a pretty great place to be.
- Nadeem, Kiron student

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