Digital solutions in times of COVID-19 We can help you go further with online learning

Like many other sectors, education has been hit hard by the COVID- 19 pandemic. Thankfully, Kiron is at the forefront of revolutionising access to education through its expertise in providing diverse target groups with an inclusive digital and blended learning experience.

We will work with you to develop your digital capabilities for a more resilient future.

We offer support in the following areas:

Providing tailor-made digital solutions at an affordable price

Providing tailor-made digital solutions at an affordable price

We support impact-driven organizations and institutions that want to empower their employees, volunteers and target communities. Our inclusive Campus is specialized for users who are new to online learning or face challenges when accessing online education:


  • EFFECTIVE & ACCESSIBLE: A flexible blended learning approach with features for online live sessions, self-paced learning and offline class integration. Solutions that work with low bandwidth and old devices
  • UNDERSTANDABLE: Automated translation and transcription of your (video) content
  • PERSONAL & SAFE: A customizable, local learning experience with high data protection levels beyond GDPR


Our additional support to bring your online program to life:


  • Co-creation to customize our Campus to fit the specific needs of your learners
  • Tailored high-quality learning pathways with an abundance of learning materials
  • Coursification: Review of online course materials & quality adjustment


Providing training for online and blended teaching

Providing training for online and blended teaching

We want to support educators in helping them maximize the use of digital opportunities by offering training for teachers and trainers.

We provide:


  • Access to programs for facilitators, tutors, and online teachers to create a fluid online or blended teaching experience. The programs tackle aspects such as 
    • Which tools to use for virtual meetings 
    • Which digital online learning tools and methods to use in class
    • Techniques for online teaching in challenging settings 
    • Blended 2.0: How to structure an online course or training 
  • The courses include course options such as “How to teach online?’’ and “Online facilitation”
  • All courses are co-created training on online teaching with certificate options and individual support options

Developing solutions tailored to your needs

Thanks to our many years of expertise as an online learning platform, we know how to develop the right learning solutions for different needs and target groups. Be inspired by our platform Kiron Campus.
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Design the future of your organization with us! We provide you with a high-quality learning experience.



Partnering for purpose:
We help impact-driven institutions who want to empower their target communities through flexible and high-quality digital learning opportunities
We have an extensive track-record working with ministries and corporates in more than 3 countries
Profits will be re-invested in education for refugees and underserved communities worldwide

Our approach:

01High credibility and proof of concept
With 9,500 learners we empower underserved communities worldwide through flexible digital and blended programs.
02Keeping learners motivated and engaged
Helping learners succeed in difficult circumstances has been the most challenging and rewarding outcome for us. Through better user-guidance and adaptive, joyful content exploration, we enable educational growth for diverse target groups.
03Low costs without compromises
We have invested years in the development of an inclusive campus optimized for different settings such as low-bandwidth and mobile. We scale personalized learning experiences quickly and cost-effectively.

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Sanja Sontor
Head of Donor Relations