The Collective Impact Campus– powered by Kiron

Let’s join forces in bringing relevant educational content to refugees worldwide on a single learning platform. 


We adapt and develop your online curricula  

Provide live learning options for low bandwidth settings

Offer online training for facilitators

Automate program administration

Deliver tools for monitoring and evaluation.


Easy to use ~ Low Bandwidth ~ Community ~ English and Prep Courses ~ Locally Adaptable

Designed for refugees and disadvantaged populations:

Blended learning for low bandwidth settings

Reach students with unstable connections

Reach students with unstable connections

We have multiple options for low-bandwidth users, whether they reside in camps, rural settings or urban areas without overloading the data consumption. 

This is ensured through: 


  • Kiron’s extremely low-bandwidth app 
  • Multiple media and size options for our content (e.g.: video transcripts)
  • Data caching, i.e. any viewings will be stored on the device
  • Low-bandwidth communication tools
  • Potential for fully offline solutions based on technologies and needs on the ground

Course creation and coursifcation

Enhance curriculum with interactive digital options

Enhance curriculum with interactive digital options

With the expertise of our learning and instructional designers we: 


  • Turn your existing content and materials into a digital interactive learning experience 
  • Use open education resources (OER) to create your course material 
  • Contribute to the OER community with your resources
  • Tailor your content to local interests
  • Digitize your language courses
  • Pivot between digital and in-person delivery 
  • Provide a flexible array of PDF transcripts, smaller-sized videos and downloadable options to reach students.

Collaborative and facilitated learning

Group learners with similar level and personal preferences

Group learners with similar level and personal preferences

Our content is available anytime and anywhere. Still live sessions are essential for connecting and building a virtual community with your students that is both collaborative and inclusive. Use our online facilitator training, or design your own, to have a positive impact on your community and engaging delivery of course material.

  • Establish trust with students and engage them in the material and in a community
  • Use effective tools to overcome challenges caused by asynchronous learning (whether it is content or digital problems)
  • Enable students to access the right type of support like message boards and HelpDesk
  • Assess if students need additional support
  • Use student assessment results and their indicated availability to schedule live sessions that fit their learning goals and needs

English and Prep courses

English courses at all levels and free access to language apps

English courses at all levels and free access to language apps

Online programs in English do not need to be an obstacle to learners. To make learning ‘barrier-free’, we couple language learning with the acquisition of digital skills. We designed a range of options that help make this true:

  • English language courses at Beginner and Intermediate levels in addition to free access to language apps
  • Students can take our English assessment and be placed in the appropriate programs
  • Complement your work on the ground with Kiron language offers
  • Set your students up for success with basic digital skills courses and other topic-related prep courses

Effective monitoring and evaluation

With our tools, learners set their own goals and monitor their progress

With our tools, learners set their own goals and monitor their progress

We offer Live Dashboards to keep track of all indicators that are important for student learning and success. You will have dashboards around the clock with the information you need to:

  • Keep track of student progress to offer help and guidance as needed
  • Provide motivational techniques to keep students engaged
  • Monitor additional impact measures such as project outcomes, student milestones and feedback


All data in the dashboard is anonymous, safe, GDPR compliant and tailored to the extra security needs of refugees

Blended learning solutions tailored to your needs

Thanks to our many years of expertise as an online learning platform, we know how to develop flexible blended learning solutions for different needs and target groups. Be inspired by our platform Kiron Campus.
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We design personalized learning experiences quickly and cost-effectively to empower underserved communities.

Partnering for purpose:
Our goal is to convey competencies for the future of your organization - efficiently and scalable
We have an extensive track-record working with ministries and corporates in more than 3 countries
We help impact-driven institutions who want to empower their target communities through flexible and high-quality blended learning opportunities
Students are really benefiting from blended learning by interacting with rich online materials and sharing their ideas from on-site sessions facilitated by Kiron and JRS facilitators.
- Asala Bani Mustafa, Education Coordinator at Jesuit Refugee Service

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