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Are you struggling to digitize your learning program? Are you having difficulty engaging your service users and providing a seamless transition to online or blended learning?


The Kiron Campus is home for you. 

Join a community of like minded organizations. 

Creating a home for educational content

We offer guidance and support!

We offer guidance and support!

Kiron will help you to:

  • Adapt and develop your online curricula  
  • Provide live learning options for low bandwidth settings
  • Offer online training for facilitators
  • Automate program administration
  • Deliver tools for monitoring and evaluation

Combine your program with the world of education on Kiron Campus.

Collaboration is now more important than ever. Together, we can create mutual value and build long-term resilience for the most affected populations.
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Paper Airplanes is 100% online and that’s why we knew that the Collective Impact Campus was the perfect fit or us. The robust digital infrastructure that Kiron offers will allow us to scale our programs, and connecting our students to the other educational opportunities available on the Campus will allow them to gain the skills they need to pursue their goals.
- Gabrielle Wimer, Managing Director Paper Airplanes

Our benefits:

01Inclusive and accessible
Our platform is built to meet your learners' needs and to reach them anytime, anywhere online.
02High quality learning at low costs 
On the Collective Impact Campus, your learners can access a wide range of quality learning programs and a vibrant online community.
03Guidance to digitize your program
Get your branded space and guidance to host your learning programs.

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Lily Scheuerpflug
Partnership Lead