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We know you are passionate about increasing the formal and non-formal educational opportunities available to the youth in the Middle East and beyond. So are we.


Together we can design impactful digital solutions and create a different future by expanding access to quality education and providing skill-trainings for underserved and refugee youth.


Join us and collaborate in the following areas

Help us bringing blended education to communities in the Middle East

Help us bringing blended education to communities in the Middle East

Syria’s neighboring countries are disproportionately affected by the Syrian conflict. That is why Kiron has offices in Amman, Jordan, and Beirut, Lebanon, to provide students with crucial support and our unique blended learning program.

Students can access our courses online but they also have the option of becoming part of our vibrant offline communities by completing certificate programs and participating in our events. Almost 2000 students learn with us in Jordan and Lebanon alone. Through Kiron they were able to found their own business, to access university or to improve their language and community leadership skills. Support our work in Jordan and Lebanon and help us to bring blended education to communities in the Middle East.

Open up access to higher education for refugees and vulnerable communities

Open up access to higher education for refugees and vulnerable communities

A university education remains an impossible dream for most displaced people worldwide with more than 97% of refugees unable access to higher education.

Since 2015, Kiron has worked to change that. Not only have we enabled students to transfer to a university and continue the studies that they started on our digital campus, we have also made significant contributions to the acceptance of digital education in higher education. By creating change on an individual and systemic level, we open up access to higher education for refugees and vulnerable communities. Join us in making an impossible dream possible.

Online and in-person guidance for students


Online and in-person guidance for students

Kiron offers tailored online and in-person guidance to students depending on the goals that they want to achieve, whether they want to go to university or envisage other pathways. Students have access to our online forum, help center, mentoring services and others, as well as in-person office hours and welcome sessions.

As online learning is very new in the region and in Lebanon, and in order to meet our students’ local needs, Kiron proposes a blended education initiative, consisting of a digital learning certificate program and peer-to-peer support components. Students are organized in groups and offered access to study centers in different regions of Lebanon. Students can thus have access to an appropriate study environment, with computers, an internet connection and pursue their online studies with a tutor present to guide them through the course, and give complementary offline academic support.

Digital Innovation for Access


Digital Innovation for Access

We believe in the power of tech to create a better world.

That is why we created the digital Kiron Campus, a free platform for refugees and disadvantaged communities, to access boundless learning. Our digital courses allow students to learn about topics from digital literacy to programming languages, and web design. With Kiron, our students find the digital tools they need to succeed, be it to found their own start-up, to become a software engineer or to study computer science. Support us in bringing even more learning resources to communities worldwide and help us to create a more connected, more equal world through tech.

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On Kiron Campus, our online learning platform, students have access to free online study programs. Here they can also connect with a global student community.
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Let’s create the future together and empower the next generation of change-makers.

Benefits Kiron offers to students:
Study for free with your own device - smartphone or laptop
Skill booster programs courses to prepare for job market
Language learning support
High-quality courses from top universities
Skill booster programs courses to prepare for the job market
Skill booster programs to prepare for the job market
Empowerment means having freedom and power to control what happens in my personal life. My plan for the future is to continue studying political science and working in politics.
- Atosa, Kiron student

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