Empowering young leaders. Creating rolemodels.

What We Do

Kiron puts displaced students back on the path of education, and provides them with the tools, and environment they need to improve their knowledge and skills, thus aids them to significantly increase their employability. How? Three words: Kiron’s Certificate Program.

How It Works


The Certificate Program is essentially a blended learning educational model that combines high quality online education, tailor-made offline courses -provided by our partner universities-, along with job-focused seminars, and soft skills development workshops. In addition to networking events, Kiron’s Buddy Program, and our most recent Self-resilience training.

About Kiron Turkey

Kiron’s goal in Turkey is to extend access to higher education to the three million refugees in Turkey that are qualified but unable to pursue their studies.

We aim to create a smoother integration process for refugees by providing higher education opportunities, and prepare students that can contribute, give back, and be an active part of their host society.


Turkish language learning with Yasar University

Kiron in cooperation with Yasar University is currently working on an adaptive Turkish language course which utilises a software that identifies the areas that the learner is finding as challenging, and provides them with a tailored learning experience in order to help them overcome their language challenges. The course will be available on Kiron’s online campus very soon.