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  • One of five study tracks
  • Plus prep and language courses

General Student Services

  • All general online services
    • Communications & information
    • Guidance
    • Community
    • 1:1 support
  • Offline services vary by location
  • Transcript of Records

Transfer to a Partner University

  • Prepare for a transfer to a partner university to finish your Bachelor’s degree offline
Partner universities in Germany

Alice Salomon Hochschule, Berlin, Germany (SoSc)
Alanus Hochschule Bonn/Alfter, Germany (B&E)
B-TU Cottbus, Germany (B&E) Bard College Berlin, Germany (B&E, PS)
BBW Hochschule, Berlin, Germany (B&E)
FH Aachen, Germany (CS, ME)
FH Lübeck, Germany (CS, ME)
FH Münster, Germany (B&E, ME, CS, SoSc)
FH Potsdam, Germany (SoSc)
HS Fresenius, Germany (B&E)
HS Fulda, Germany (SoSc)
HS Heilbronn, Germany (CS)
HS Koblenz, Germany (SoSc)
HS München, Germany (B&E, SoSc)
HS RheinMain,Wiesbaden, Germany (SoSc)
HWR Berlin, Germany (B&E)
KU Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, Germany (B&E)
KIT, Karlsruhe, Germany (ME)
Leuphana Lüneburg, Germany (CS)
LMU München , Germany (CS)
RWTH Aachen, Germany (CS, ME)
Technische Hochschule Wildau, Germany (B&E, CS)
TU Berlin, Germany (CS)
TU Clausthal, Germany (B&E, CS, ME)
TU Hamburg, Germany (ME)
Univeristät Bayreuth, Germany (ME)
Univeristät Freiburg, Germany (B&E)
Univeristät Konstanz, Germany (CS)
Universität Bielefeld, Germany (B&E)
Universität Jena, Germany (CS)
Universität Kassel, Germany (B&E)
Universität Passau, Germany (CS)
Universität Witten/Herdecke, Germany (B&E)
Universität Paderborn, Germany (B&E, CS, ME)
Universität Rostock, Germany (CS, ME)

Specific Student Services

  • Specific transfer support for application and credit recognition

Transfer Elsewhere

  • Prepare for a successful application to another university/ study program

Specific Student Services

  • General transfer support

General Transfer Requirements


  • Higher education entrance qualification
  • Certificate of German language proficiency at C1 or B2 level

Refugees are generally considered applicants with international higher education entrance qualifications and have to meet the same requirements as other international applicants. The amount of spots is limited.

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