Your Online Studies

Kiron’s online course catalogue consists of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), one of the most exciting innovations in education of the last few years.
What is a MOOC?

Watch this short video that explains what M(assive) O(pen) O(nline) C(ourses) are:

Types of MOOCs: Live & Self-paced

At Kiron, you will encounter two types of MOOCs:

Live courses

  • Fixed start dates and regular live sessions
  • More interaction with other students and professors
  • You cannot study ahead of the scheduled sessions
  • Slower progress, but steady amount of work every week

Self-paced courses

  • Start at any time you want
  • Work through the given material on your own schedule
  • No weekly exams
  • Manage your study time which gives you flexibility
Opportunities & Challenges of Online Studying

Studying online – anywhere, anytime.  

Sounds too good to be true? That’s because some of the advantages of studying online also create some of the biggest challenges for online learners.


  • Most courses are self-paced. You can study at any time.
  • You are responsible for your progress. You need to be organized and disciplined.

Studying remotely at home:

  • You can participate in courses from anywhere.
  • Interaction with other students and professors is limited. You need to motivate yourself.
  • You have to organize your own study space. 
How Does Kiron Support You in Your Online Studies?

Kiron is aware that studying online is not as easy as it might sound. Here are some of the services and programs we offer to support you in your studies:

  • To get you started, Kiron created an online course on Becoming an Online-Learner

Kiron Campus: Your Study Platform

On our platform, you can find all the courses available to you. The platform always recommends the next course you should take in order to progress quickly throughout your studies.


Kiron works with a completely modularized curriculum – in other words, all MOOCs used on Kiron Campus are presented in modules. This makes browsing courses in the same subject area easy and fast.


In the Student Forum, you can learn about various study-related topics. You can also post questions and have discussions with fellow students and more experienced student forum volunteers (who, as Kiron students themselves, offer effective peer support as moderators). The chat function encourages you to interact with Kiron employees and other Kiron students. In addition, you can team up with study groups in the forum to receive and offer support concerning course-specific issues.