What Kiron Is Not...

Kiron is an innovative startup with a lot to offer. This can be a bit overwhelming in the beginning. To reduce misunderstandings, let us clarify the limitations of what we offer.

Kiron Is Not a University

Kiron is a service provider that helps refugees start or continue their studies with online courses. Kiron itself does not award official degrees. In order to receive a degree you first need to transfer to a (partner) university.
Explore the other sections of the Kiron Navigator and take the Navigator Self-Assessment to learn more. 

Kiron Does Not Guarantee Admission to a University
Being admitted to Kiron does not guarantee admission to a (partner) university as well. The universities usually have their own requirements. Depending on your location, Kiron provides you with general or specific information and support for your application. 
Kiron Does Not Provide Direct Legal, Financial, or Political Aid

Kiron cannot help you with any other than education-related challenges of your migration process. Enrollment with Kiron does not provide you with any legal status as a student in any country. Kiron does not provide direct cash funding for your travel or your education, for example. 

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Kiron Does Not Offer Master Level Courses

Kiron only provides courses at a Bachelor’s level as well as preparatory and language courses. 
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