The Kiron Idea

If you were not a refugee would you be studying right now?

Kiron is a social startup that wants to help refugees access higher education free of charge. Kiron wants to provide a bridge for refugees or asylum seekers to continue or begin studying at a university-level.

Kiron’s idea: start your studies right away with online courses and finish your Bachelor’s degree later offline at one of our partner universities.

Kiron's Academic Model: How Does It Work?

This is the Kiron idea in a nutshell. Most importantly, there are two phases in the Kiron study plan: an online and offline phase. This is approach can be referred to as blended learning.

Steps in the typical Kiron student journey


Continue or begin your online studies…


…finish studying on-campus at a partner university:

General Requirements

Online and offline phase of your studies have different requirements that need to be met if you want to pursue a Bachelor’s degree from a university. Kiron supports your transfer process to our partner universities

Global ONLINE requirements for starting your studies with Kiron

  • Proof that you are refugee (list of accepted documents)
  • Regular access to the internet and a computer/ tablet (or smartphone)
  • Completion of the onboarding process
  • English language skills (B2 level recommended)

Free of charge

Local OFFLINE requirements for finishing your degree at a partner university

Further requirements are set individually by universities in accordance with local laws and other authorities,  for example

  • Higher education entrance qualification (e.g. a recognized secondary school-leaving certificate)
  • Certified language skills
  • A legal status that allows you to study (e.g. residence permit, proof of asylum status)
  • Willingness to move to the location of our partner universities (if applicable)

Additional costs for application and enrollment may be charged

Find out more about local requirements here