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Kiron France was established in 2015 during the so-called “refugee crisis”. Alyette Tritsch, Kiron France’s co-founder and President, visited a Parisian refugee camp during this period. She expected “to be faced with the day-to-day problems that you come across at the side of the road – Where can I sleep? Where can I eat? Where can I hand in my asylum request? – but the majority of refugees spoke about their future prospects – Alyette, how can I continue my studies?


Whether due to financial issues, the language barrier or administrative complications, access to higher education in France for refugees and asylum seekers is a constant battle.

However, accessing higher education can be a unique opportunity for socialisation, discovering new cultures, and a step towards a sustainable career, helping shape a more secure future.


Our Mission: To Provide Access to Accredited Courses 

Kiron, an international organisation based in Germany, developed a unique blended-learning program or “blended-learning 2.0” which offers displaced persons the opportunity to start an accredited course at bachelor degree level as soon as they have arrived in France:

  • Students carry out the first stage of their studies via online courses (MOOCs – Massive Open Online Courses). The students enrol from distance on the digital Kiron Campus platform and follow courses taught mainly in English.
  • The students then transfer to a partner institution, either for the 2nd year of their degree or for the 2nd semester of the 1st year, thanks to credit recognition. 

Kiron France currently has 12 academic partners:



Are you a refugee or asylum seeker? Are you interested in our program? Check your eligibility here!



Our unique educational model

Kiron has created a custom-made educational program which caters to the academic demands of French universities. The online resources are in English, and originate for the most part from renowned universities such as Harvard or MIT. They are provided by the MOOC platforms Coursera, Edx, FUN and Open Classrooms. On Kiron Campus, students can access the program at any time and free of charge, whatever their geographical situation.

French Language Learning

French classes run by FLE (Français Langue Étrangère) teachers allow students to reach the required French language level for enrolment in the French higher education system. The classes take place at ELFE, at the MIE (Maison des initiatives étudiantes), at the André Chédid library and Jeannine Manuel school.

Applications are now closed for the first semester of the 2017/2018 academic year.

Online French language learning opportunities for Kiron students:

  • Babbel provides French or English courses online. Please send an email from your email address to in order to obtain the access codes.

  • French classes through AFPA (open to all):

  • French classes through Tv5Monde (open to all):

Every Saturday, the Parisian association “Voyage au bout de la 11” organises French classes for all levels. To receive further information please send an email to

Finally, on the following two platforms you can find a collection of French classes available in France:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send an email to

Kiron : Student Services and Support

Throughout their studies, we support our students to help them succeed.


We provide online Student Services which responds within 48 hours to questions relating to the application process, to transfers to partner universities and to general information requests. All enquiries should be sent to, or call us directly at +33 7 68 70 86 41.

We also have bi-weekly office hours:

  • Wednesdays 10am-12pm

  • Thursdays 2pm-4pm

If you are yet to join the Kiron France Info Facebook group, please follow this link.

On Kiron Campus you also have access to the Kiron Forum. As well as being a platform for exchanging with the student community, you have access to a wealth of information concerning upcoming events and course enrolment. You can also organise work groups and ask for help from your peers, from volunteers or from platform moderators.

Mentorship Program

Kiron connects students with their required mentors. A student or a professional accompanies students’ learning and helps them define their professional ambitions during a period of 3 to 6 months. We also provide online mentoring and tutoring (Direct Academics) on Kiron Campus.

Would you like to participate in the program? Please contact

Apprentissage de la langue française

Where to Study in the Paris Area 

We encourage our students to use public libraries equipped with computers and internet access. If you are a Kiron student and live in the Ile-de-France area, you will find a list here. It’s free and simple! If you have any problems or need help in French, please contact us at or call our student number – +33 7 68 70 86 41.

A Vibrant Student Community

We provide different social and cultural activities to our students and encourage them to exchange with one another.

Come join us at the Club ‘Se lancer’, on the last Wednesday of every month, co-organised with Singa and la Cité des Métiers.

Meet Kiron Students on our Blog (French Speakers)





Kiron’s Academic Partners

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Kiron France Team 



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We would also like to thank all our volunteers for their time and effort!

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