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A springboard to higher education for refugees

Why act?

Accessing higher education can seem an impossible task for refugees and asylum seekers in France and across the globe.

In 2015, over 65.3 million people worldwide were forced to flee their homes and countries to escape war and persecution. Only 1% of displaced persons have access to higher education. With the global average being at 34%, this is inadmissible.

Higher education is a key to emancipation, self-determination, and the stimulation of critical thinking. These traits are essential in order for individuals and society to grow and prosper. The positive impact of higher education on social, cultural, scientific and technological development cannot be denied. Increasing learning capabilities for everyone should therefore be an imperative goal for all societies. In France asylum seekers are not permitted by law to enrol in university or exercise any such activity for a minimum of 9 months, which can be extended to 12 months. This can be an emotional burden on these individuals as they are faced with numerous administrative obstacles when trying to access basic services. These handicaps can hinder smooth social integration. Kiron France believes that this period can be an opportunity to provide constructive learning opportunities to allow these individuals succeed in their new environment.


Who are we?

Kiron France allows refugees and asylum seekers to begin or continue their university studies for free. Our hybrid learning model provides refugees with access to degree level diplomas.

The main goal of Kiron France is to allow refugees and asylum seekers to flourish in their new country and to enhance their future prospects. We are of the belief that the assimilation of displaced persons into our university system can serve as an accelerator for social integration in France and in Europe. With our innovative model, we hope to stimulate the potential of future entrepreneurs, professors and engineers who can help us achieve our ultimate goal of building an educated, tolerant society.

A path to an accredited university degree

Kiron’s hybrid educational model allows refugees and asylum seekers to access degree level courses leading to a qualification.

  • Students undertake one to two years of study online.
  • The third and fourth year of their studies are undertaken at one of our partner universities.

Kiron currently has 12 partner universities in France:

  • CNAM
  • ComUE Grenoble-Alpes which includes 4 schools
  • INSA group which includes 6 engineering schools in France
  • Sciences Po Paris

We aim to extend our reach all over France and are currently in negotiation with 15 different universities across the country.

The combination of online and offline learning is an approach which optimises refugees’ chances of overcoming the obstacles accessing higher education in France.

A learning program free of charge for our students

Kiron has created a unique learning program set up by a committed team of learning engineers. Our courses are designed to utilise the reputed online MOOC platforms such as Coursera, Edx, FUN or Open Classrooms and are devised based on academic demands. Our students have constant access to our program from wherever they may be, completely free of charge.

Kiron offers four study departments to our students:

  • Business and Economics
  • Computer Science
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Social Sciences
Kiron's Learning Ecosystem

Throughout the process we offer different support modules in order to boost our students’ success rate.

French Language Learning

We offer French language courses run by accredited professors so that our students may reach the required level of French language proficiency to enrol in a French university.

A Tailor-Made Learning Programme

We call our form of learning “Direct Academics”, which involves special tutorial sessions and specialist courses run by professors and experts from different disciplines. These sessions take place in small groups where tutors are able to offer their expertise not only on the thematics proposed in Kiron modules (economics, mathematics, social sciences…), but also on the practical aspects of the MOOC platform.

Different types of workshops are also organised such as career sessions where students work on CV writing and honing their interview skills.

Study Centers

Study hub spaces are provided in the Ile-de-France region where students are provided with computers and internet access.

Student Services – Supporting Social Integration

Throughout the process we provide our students with different services aimed at helping them succeed in their studies and integrate with the local population. The first year of study takes place online, so it is important to create social links between our students and locals. These networks allow our students to flourish in their host country.

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