QADER Project

*Applications for the QADER project are now closed, the students have been selected for 2017. If you are a refugee and you want to start studying with Kiron (for free), you can sign up again from December 2017 by clicking here. If any new opportunities come up, you will automatically be notified.


The word ‘qader’ in Arabic means powerful and able. Likewise, the QADER project aims to empower and enable refugees to access higher education in Jordan.

The cooperation of PSUT, AQACHEI and Kiron is aimed at piloting the Quality Assurance of Digital higher Education for Refugees(QADER) project, in which refugees and local disadvantaged students are enabled to obtain an accredited undergraduate degree in Business Administration or Computer Science. QADER is particularly designed to accompany refugee students from interrupted or not yet started university education to a fully recognized degree, as well as less privileged jordanian Students. For the QADER pilot, 20 selected students will begin studying and refreshing their knowledge with MOOCs (“Massive Open Online Courses”) on the Kiron Campus platform. After having attained comparable levels, students will transfer to PSUT to complete another six semesters.

Credit points that were granted to these students by completing courses online via Kiron, on platforms such as edx and coursera, produced by universities such as Harvard, MIT or Yale, will be recognized by PSUT. AQACHEI will be monitoring and evaluation this process. Depending on success, the students will obtain scholarships to cover the tuition fees during their offline studies. Depending on funding, monthly fees will be provided to cover study related costs.

The students will study 1 year online with Kiron, and 3 years offline at the university, before gaining a full undergraduate degree from Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT)

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About the partners

PSUT is a pioneering educational institution that combines excellence with innovation, and provides students with a high quality education in Engineering, Computing Sciences, Business and Technology.

Kiron Enables access to higher education and successful learning for refugees and their host community through digital solutions

AQACHEI’s aim is to upgrade the Jordanian Higher Education Institutions’ performance and strengthen their competitiveness at regional, national and global level.

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Study hubs

In study hubs, you can use a quiet study space and a stable internet connection. We are currently working on getting more study hubs. We will update locations at: Jesuit Refugee Services

Opening times: Saturday – Thursday
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Kiron has a vibrant, diverse student community. We realize that the social aspect of the student experience will improve your learning. As part of the scholarship program, you’ll get to meet your fellow students for interactive sessions of teambuilding and social activities.

It is a chance for you to make new friends, meet other aspiring young leaders, and build meaningful connections that will be valuable for you in the future.