Kiron enables access to higher education and successful learning for refugees and the host community through digital solutions.

What is the Kiron Model?

The Kiron courses, which lead to a certificate, are considered ‘micro-credentials’, which can be recognized at local, international and online Universities, and in the labor market in Jordan, in refugees home country, and also in resettlement countries. Therefore, our students have the flexibility to study, whilst deciding or waiting for the next step.

Kiron has created a unique learning program set up by a committed team of learning engineers. Our courses are designed to utilise the reputed online MOOC platforms such as Coursera, Edx, FUN or Open Classrooms and are devised based on academic demands. Our students have constant access to our program from wherever they may be, completely free of charge.

Kiron offers two study tracks to our students:

  • Business and Economics
  • Computer Science



Kiron Jordan currently has six academic partners:

  • Al Al-Bayt University
  • Hashemite university
  • Yarmouk University
  • Zarqa University
  • Jordanian University of Science and Technology
  • Princess Sumaya University of Technology

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Who can Apply?

  • Registered refugees OR disadvantaged Jordanian youth
  • Currently living in Jordan
  • In possession of a valid ID card
  • In possession of a valid high school diploma (stamped by authorities)
  • Motivated to study Business Administration or Computer Science

Want to learn more/ need support?

Throughout the process we provide our students with different services aimed at helping them succeed in their studies and integrate with the local population. The first year of study takes place online, so it is important to create social links between our students and locals. These networks allow our students to flourish in their host country, student services includes:

Registration and Onboarding sessions

In order to ensure students fully understand the Kiron model, students in Jordan can register at one of our information sessions, and complete the onboarding as part of a group,
(whilst getting to know other students) in our in person welcome sessions.

Help Desk

Students contact the team via the Help Desk, on which the team receives emails with requests for academic and technical support, in addition to support on using the Campus, Forum and MOOC platforms.

Office Hours

In case the student has challenges and feels more comfortable in receiving help in person, they can contact  Student Services to schedule an appointment at the office. Typical requests for office hours come from students who need assistance with the onboarding, or in understanding the future of the opportunity they’re pursuing with Kiron.

Study Centres

At Student Services, we realize that not all students have access to computers and internet. To solve this challenge, we’ve partnered with community organizations that are equipped with the proper devices. An example of our partnerships is our work with Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS), where students come twice per week for guided study sessions, in which each student has a computer that they can use for their studies.

Student Services team members conducted visits several times a month to make sure to assist the students, and organize interactive team building sessions to build and improve the sense of community.

Student and Alumni Network

One of the biggest advantages of participating in education and leadership programs, is staying in touch with the other participants after the end of the program. We manage several communications channels, including Facebook groups on which we exchange opportunities such as trainings and scholarships that match our students’ profiles, and encourage them to share their accomplishments and ongoing projects with others.

Social Events

Most of Kiron’s students arrive to Jordan with little to no contacts. The process of adapting to life in a new country affects the learning progress. Student Services organizes a variety of social events in order to help the students meaningfully connect with new people. Previous social events included bubble football games, treasure hunt, and cooking dinner in group.

Tutorials and Direct Academics

To further support the online courses, Student Services facilitates offline and online tutorials, led by experts in the fields of the study tracks that the students are pursuing.

Psychosocial Support Referrals

While Student Services does not provide direct psychosocial support, Student Services refers cases of students who report the need for professional help to partner organizations and professionals.

Kiron Jordan Team

Grace Atkinson

Grace Atkinson

Director of Educational Program MENA

Nora Hauptmann

Nora Hauptmann

Country Manager

Daphne Mulder

Daphne Mulder

Curriculum Coordinator Jordan

Hala Kawash

Hala Kawash

Refugee Outreach and Support Officer

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