Apply now for the Scholarship Programme with Kiron in Jordan!

Applications closed.

* Applications for the Kiron Scholarship programme are now closed. If you are a refugee and you want to start studying with Kiron (for free), you can sign up again from December 2017 by clicking here. If any new Scholarship opportunities come up, you will automatically be notified. 



What is Kiron?

Kiron enables access to higher education and successful learning for refugees and the host community through digital solutions.

What is the Kiron Model?

Kiron is partnering with local Universities to deliver a blended learning project in the Jordanian Higher Education context, in which 20 refugees and local disadvantaged students are enabled to obtain an accredited undergraduate degree in Business Administration and Computer Science by studying 1 year online with Kiron, and 3 years offline at the university.


The students will study 1 year online with Kiron, and 3 years offline at the university, before gaining a full undergraduate degree from the University

Scholarship: Details

  • Topics of study: Business Administration/ Computer Science
  • 1 year of studying online ( Learn more HERE )
  • 3 years of studying offline at a local university in Jordan (Bachelor/undergraduate degree)
  • Depending on success, scholarship
  • Start: September 2017. End (graduation date): August 2021.

Who can Apply?


  • Registered refugees OR disadvantaged Jordanian youth
  • Currently living in Jordan
  • In possession of a valid ID card
  • In possession of a valid high school diploma (stamped by authorities)
  • Motivated to study Business Administration or Computer Science
  • full time commitment during 4 years

Missed the deadline?

Good news; Although the applications for the Scholarship opportunity are closed, you can still study on our platform (for free)! You will be able to register on our platform from December on. We will automatically inform you about other (scholarship) opportunities in the future.

Is your application complete?


You might have been contacted by Kiron in the last week (by email/phone call). This means that Kiron is checking if you are eligible for the scholarship. It is important that you complete your application by:

  1. Sending us the required documents (ID card + High School Diploma (including all stamps) + (only if you have) Language Certificate to Please clearly state your name in the email.
  2. Make sure you are registered as a student on the Kiron platform here.*

*If you are a Jordanian student and have been contacted by Kiron in the last weeks (email/ phone call), please upload a valid ID card instead of a refugee card.

Then sign in with your email and password

3. Become a full student by going through the onboarding. The onboarding is a set of additional questions, some exercises and quizzes. You can do the onboarding after you have received an email from us with instructions.

Kiron is working hard on the selection process. You will be informed about the results at the end of September.


Want to learn more/ need support?

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