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What is a Module?

Modules are one or more Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). The MOOCs consist of readings, videos, games, quizzes, etc. All modules are self-paced. This means that you can study according to your own schedule; and in your own pace.
The Online Modules are the biggest part of the Summer Certificate Project, and run for 3 months, and will require you to study 10 to 13 hours per week on average.


During the projects, students work together in groups to develop their own product. Students are expected to apply their academic knowledge and skills to real life. In the final week, the outcome of the project will be presented by the students. The outcome could be a presentation, a product, or a document.

Projects run during 3 months, and require students to study 4 to 8 hours a week on average.

Business Plan Writing
Business English
Ruby on Rails

Skills Trainings (offline, in person)

In the skills trainings, students develop a specific competence or ability. Most skills developed during these trainings can be applied to many aspects in life, and will help students during their academic, as well as professional and private life.

Each Skill training runs for 4 weeks, and require students to study 3 to 4 hours a week on average.

Academic Writing
Design Thinking Workshop
Life Skills
Digital Skills
Job Application Skills