How does it work?

Kiron’s study plan has been divided into two stages, online and offline. The online courses enable you the flexibility to take courses from anywhere in the world and according to your own schedule. Our courses are designed to utilise Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), one of the most exciting innovations in education of the last few years. The MOOCs found on the Kiron platform have been designed by leading Universities like Harvard and MIT ensuring your key learning outcomes are in line with that of world renowned institutions of higher education. There are four study tracks to choose from: Business, Engineering, Computer Science, and Social Science. Once you have chosen your study track, you can than enrol in the relevant online modules that will count towards a degree at one of our partner universities. As a student, you can apply to study at a partner university as soon as all of the requirements for enrollment at a traditional university are met, including legal and language requirements. After you have been accepted, you apply to have your credits recognized by the partner university.

Please note:

  • Kiron is not an official university, we are a service provider that helps you start your studies with online courses. These courses will undergo a recognition process for credits once you transfer to a partner university. You can apply for a study visa and social benefits once you complete the transfer to one of our partner universities.
  • We do not offer Masters courses, and cannot transfer you to a partner university to complete your master studies.
  • Please be aware that enrollment within Kiron does not provide you with any legal status as a student in any country.
  • At this moment in time, Kiron aims to transfer its students to partner universities among the country of the student’s location. If you are in a country in which Kiron doesn’t have a partner university yet, you can still apply to one of our partner universities to complete your degree. The process will be similar as for any other foreign student, except for the kiron courses you have already completed.
  • Kiron is only for refugees. 
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