How do I apply?

Considering becoming a Kiron student? Great! Kiron wants to make it as easy as possible for you to get access to higher education and the entirety of our program is free of charge!

In order to become a student at Kiron, we ask you to complete a four-part preliminary student application process. You provide the following information to us:

  1. Your personal information & proof of your refugee status 

  2. Complete a motivational statement about why you want to study at Kiron, and  answer some questions.

  3. Complete a short English assessment test. 

Please be aware that this test is made for you to have an idea about your current level. The outcome of this exam will not prevent you from getting admission into Kiron. We do however recommend a minimum of B1 so you can follow the courses.

After you have completed steps 1-3, and we are able to verify your refugee status documents, we will be able to accept you as a preliminary student, and you will receive an email from us. The preliminary student term means that you are not yet a full student, because there are still a few more steps. 

As a preliminary student you will wait for the next student intake, and then receive further instructions on how to become a full student at Kiron. The process  includes filling out your basic information, completing two test MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), answering the quizzes, and filling out a survey. You have around a month to complete this whole process and become a full Kiron student. You will not be able to access the Kiron Campus platform and start studying until you finish all of the requirements listed before.

Which documents do we accept as proof of refugee status?

Kiron accepts a variety of documents within the asylum process. Broadly we accept any of the following certificates: application for asylum, recognition of asylum, subsidiary protection & residency for asylum. In case you cannot provide any these documents, we kindly ask you to fill in this certification and have it approved by a representative of a state organization/NGO that you are in contact with (for example, a social worker, counsellor, or legal consultant). Please make sure to have this certificate stamped by the organization that signs it.

Country specific documents

You are located in France

  • attestation de demande d’asile
  • autorisation provisoire de séjour en vue des démarches à l'OFPRA
  • récépissé « reconnu réfugié »
  • récépissé « a obtenu le bénéfice de la protection subsidiaire »
  • carte de résident avec mention réfugié / bénéficiaire de la protection internationale
  • carte de séjour temporaire mention vie privée et familiale avec mention du statut de bénéficiaire de la protection
  • subsidiaire
  • visa au titre de l’asile

You are located in Germany

  • Bescheinigung über die Meldung als Asylsuchender / Ankunftsnachweis
  • Aufenthaltserlaubnis (§ 23 Abs. 1, 2, 4, 5 / § 25 Abs. 1, 2, 3,5 / § 60 Abs. 5 oder 7)
  • Aufenthaltsgestattung 
  • Duldung
  • Fiktionsbescheinigung gem. § 81 Abs. 5 AufenthG

You are located in any other state

  • UNHCR Asylum Seeker Certificate
  • UNHCR Refugee Certificate
  • a document certifying that you have started your asylum application
  • if you live in a refugee camp, a self-certification of your residence that is signed by the camp manager
  • the recognition of a refugee status 

We accept documents in any European language, Turkish or Arabic but English is preferred. We will not share the document you upload with any external person or organization. It is required for our internal administrative processes only.

Your document is not mentioned on this list? You cannot provide either of the documents or the Kiron certificate? Please ask us here (Please do not send any documents that reveal personal information)

Please be aware that enrollment within Kiron does not provide you with any legal status as a student in any country, because Kiron is not an official university.

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