Kiron for Students

Welcome to Kiron!

We are a social startup that wants to help you, as a refugee, to study free of charge. From our perspective, everybody has the right to fulfill their potential and improve their life prospects through education. We know you are currently facing big challenges in terms of entering the higher education system, and we want to directly address this problem by giving you the chance to start studying while having refugee status, and the opportunity to graduate with a degree from an accredited university! To accomplish this, our system incorporates both online and offline services in order to give you the support you need. This includes our online learning platform, Kiron Campus, and student services such as a help desk, study hubs, a buddy programme, career services and many more.

To date, we already have over 1,500 full time students, 22 partner universities, and 4 study tracks. We are currently implementing our full program in Germany, France, Turkey and Jordan.

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