Why collaborate

Benefiting from high quality standards 
Only high quality selected online courses, assured that courses match quality-wise, content-wise and outcome-wise

Kiron assures standards that match  the recommendations of KMK and Akkreditierungsrat in Germany as well as the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) and the Lisbon Recognition Convention. The courses are in line with the regulations of the German Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs (Kultusministerkonferenz), Kiron uses a fixed ratio of credit distribution.

Achieving predictability regarding refugee study places and drop-outs
As refugee-students from Kiron have already proved their capability of studying, they will more likely also be successful with their studies at Partner Universities. Therefore the drop-outs are not very likely.

Gaining a strong partner in empirical research and the digitalisation of higher education
Kiron has been very active in contributing to research on the digitalisation of higher education, MOOCs, the recognition of learning outcomes, intercultural learning, and more. 

Enhancing institution’s diversity and internationalization strategy
A cooperation between the Partner Universities and Kiron is likely to not only improve the diversity of the universities’ student bodies, but also product particularly high performing graduates. Students from Kiron who successfully complete the online study phase prove themselves to be motivated and competent to successfully obtain a university degree. 

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