How do we support our students in their studies?

Our aim is to design services for our students that empower them and help them to overcome challenges presented by studying in a new country and studying online.

Kiron offers much more than just online learning. We believe in blended learning, where online courses are complemented with additional Student Services.

Buddy Program

A Buddy will be a student's local or online contact during their studies. They will introduce them to life in their new country and empower them to overcome cultural and everyday challenges. From language tandems to football buddies, cooking sessions to museum visits, the student and his Buddy are free to engage in whatever activities they would like. As a participant in the Buddy Programme, you will become part of an international community. We will do our best to find a buddy that lives close to each student. In case that cannot be arranged we encourage our students to meet their buddy online.

Study Hubs

Study Hubs are of major importance for the success of the Kiron study programme and address Kiron students but also refugees in the process of becoming university or Kiron students. They facilitate learning with online resources by providing access to internet and hardware. In cooperation with partner universities, local initiatives and volunteers, these spaces ideally do not solely provide a place to work on  online course material, but are also a place for study programmes such as language lessons, tutoring and peer-to-peer coaching. Moreover, this kind of offline support fosters the student community and strengthens the motivation of Kiron students through supportive direct interaction. 

Academic Advisory

Since every student at Kiron brings their own educational background and motivation to study, we want to give you some direction during the online part. It is designed to have a long-term contact who knows the Kiron model very well and has an academic background of your study field to support you structuring online studies. In one-on-one meetings with your advisor, you will discuss your personal short-term goals and how you will achieve them. This 10 month programme beginning September 2016 offers guidance in self-organization, requires your active participation in updating your learning journal weekly, and includes discussing learning progress and obstacles to overcome. 

Career Services

Our goal is to ensure Kiron students have the tools to prepare for the job market. We help our students by providing useful information on topics such as writing a proper CV, how to write a cover letter and how to apply for internships and jobs in general.
We are constantly working on connecting with employers, and will continue to strengthen our network of companies that may provide internships.

Counselling Services

To study also means facing a lot of demands in all parts of life. Not everything works out smoothly. Sometimes, there are problems and difficulties that are too hard to overcome on your own. If students are in need of counseling,  they have the chance to contact us. With our team of professionals we will support them in questions concerning their studies as well as personal conflicts or problems via video chat, email or, when possible, locally in person.

Direct Academics

During the online part of the curriculum, students are free to organize their own study schedule. Online courses (MOOCs) from different providers can be selected on the study platform Kiron Campus. Modules filled with MOOCs build the core curriculum. These courses often are taught without live sessions and therefore without any direct contact between professor and student. Therefore, Direct Academics offers live-online-sessions where instructors and students meet weekly. This way, students can interact with each other and the instructor virtually.

Language School

The Kiron Language School offers our students a selection of online and offline courses led by professional teachers and qualified language institutions. These language courses aim to train their language skills to support them during their Kiron studies and future education at partner universities.

As an online study platform, our language courses are available in different digital formats such as virtual classrooms, online live-teaching sessions, etc. In addition to the online language learning platforms, Kiron Language School can also offer offline language courses where students learn in the traditional classroom setting.

The Kiron Language School also provides our students with the tools for independent studying, so that they can learn on their own using, for example, app-based language resources. Such learning methods mean flexibility - you can learn independently and manage your own speed, time and location of learning.

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