Kiron for Academic Institutions

Welcome to Kiron!

We are a social startup that delivers higher education to refugees. We believe that everyone should have the right to fulfill their potential and improve their life prospects through access to quality education, and we know that the obstacles refugees face in accessing education can be overcome. Our vision is to provide millions of refugees worldwide with the opportunity to graduate with an accredited University degree, free of charge. No more time, potential, or lives wasted.

Kiron offers much more than just online learning. We believe in blended learning 2.0, where online courses are complemented with live and direct online tutoring and offline services like our Buddy Programme, Mentoring Programme, Study Hubs and Career Services. During the online phase, students follow one of the Kiron study tracks. The offline phase is initiated by students transferring to one of our Partner Universities where they graduate with an accredited university degree. Using this innovative combination of online and offline learning, Kiron provides refugees with accessible, sustainable and cost-effective education. To date, we have over 1,500 full students, 22 partner universities, and 4 study tracks.

We are at the forefront of driving innovation and research in education and migration solutions. In order to achieve our goals, we strongly depend on a network of reliable academic partners to develop our approach of easily accessible education for refugees. An academic partnership  with Kiron Open Higher Education (Kiron) provides efficient solutions to the various challenges universities face when aiming to create sustainable educational perspectives for refugees - such as limited college capacities, language barriers, missing legal documents, and more. Together with Kiron universities can create sustainable opportunities for refugees with academic potential. 

Our aim is not to become an alternative to traditional universities, but to provide open higher education to a group of people that currently face huge obstacles in starting or continuing their studies. This group is dependent on a different approach. The technology exists and the need is there, so let’s do it!

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