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01Skill booster programs

Choose from hundreds of high quality online programs. Enrol now, learn professional skills and get a certificate in your area of interest, for free!

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  • Study anywhere online
  • Professional skills
  • Enrol anytime
  • 1-6 months
  • Get a certificate
  • Unlimited Places
Speak and Code Academy01

Together with Le Wagon and Lingoda, our program combines German language courses, a 12-coding bootcamp, and integration course to prepare you for a tech career in Germany. Free with a JobCenter voucher/bildungsgutschein.

TESOL Certificate Courses02

Do you want to become an English teacher? Courses of this cycle will provide you with the theories and techniques necessary to become a professional English language instructor.

Alstom x Kiron Ausbildungsbrücke03

Prepare for an apprenticeship in engineering! Join the Kiron Ausbildungsbrücke — a mix of free, self-paced German language learning and engineering courses culminating in an internship opportunity at one of Europe’s largest mobility companies, Alstom.

Graphic Design04

Learn how to create compelling visual content and interactive designs.

Excel skills05

Join this program and master Microsoft Excel with all its advanced formulas, automation, and data visualisation techniques.

Web Development06

Have you ever dreamt of building your own web application? Then this module is for you!

How to start with Kiron?07

This short program will give you a quick start to Kiron Campus. Go on this exciting tour and join thousands of our learners worldwide.

Learn German with Lingoda08

Willst du Deutsch lernen? This series of German language courses will help you successfully master the German language.

Online English courses for Arabic native speakers09

This program will provide Arabic speaking learners with various English language skills from basic speaking to advanced writing.

How to learn a language10

Are you mastering a new language? This program will teach you how to be a successful language learner and learn with fun.

Intermediate English (B1, B2)11

This program will help you further develop your spoken and written English skills.

Beginner English (A1, A2)12

With this program, you will be able to improve your basic English skills and prepare yourself for intermediate English courses.

Become an online facilitator13

Acquire skills and knowledge that will help you become an encouraging facilitator capable of leading online learners towards success.

A beginner’s course in Artificial Intelligence14

Are you interested in artificial intelligence? Learn more about the benefits, opportunities, and risks of AI.

Data Science: First Steps15

This course will introduce you to data science and the tools and skills essential to work in this field.

Introduction to psychology16

Acquire the key knowledge and skills necessary to provide psychological first aid to people in an emergency.

How to write your job application17

Do you want to make your job applications stand out?  Learn how to tailor a CV and write a successful job application.

Prep for Computer Science18

This course will prepare you for computer science and programming studies and set you up for success in any other program of your choice.

How to be an online learner19

This course will give you tips and tricks on how to structure your studies and  become a successful online learner.

Teaching online20

Learn more about  the benefits and challenges of online learning and how to use digital platforms to provide access to education to a diverse community.

Computer skills21

Learn more about the fundamental digital skills and tools you need in order to study successfully.

Learn programming with Python22

Do you want to learn how to code? You can start right here by learning Python with this short beginners’ program. 

Google IT Support Professional Certificate23

Get ready to kick-start a new career in IT Support in just 8-12 months!


Two students study together on laptop
Start your own online business24

Want to start your own business online? Take this Kiron program and learn all the essentials.

Web design25

This course will show you how to develop high-quality websites that work seamlessly for mobile, tablet, and computer browsers. 


This short program introduces you to the questions and topics which inform public policy-making today.

The foundations of teaching I/II27

Learn more about the foundations of teaching.

02Study tracks

Choose from five in-depth programs developed with courses from top universities.

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  • Study anywhere online
  • Enrol anytime
  • Engineering, IT, political science, social work, economics
  • Prepare for university
  • +12 months
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03Regional programs & university applications

Are you based in Germany, Jordan or Lebanon? Check our programs designed to help you apply to university or to enhance your study experience with us at Kiron.

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  • Study anywhere online
  • Get a course certificate
  • Offline guidance
  • Study centers
  • 3-24 months
  • Get a certificate

04Language courses

Choose from free language courses to improve your English or German skills. We also help in determining your language level to guide you to the right course.

    Improve your English
    On Kiron Campus you can enrol in online language course to improve your English.
    Improve your German
    Are you a Kiron student in Germany? Enrol in online language courses to improve your German.

Our campus:– Discover Kiron

On Kiron Campus, our online learning platform, you will find all of our available online study programs. Here you can also connect with our global student community.
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Explore the courses-2
Explore the courses
Whether you want to start a program, take university courses, get certificates, or just want to learn new skills, there is a study option for you.
Learn at your own pace-3
Learn at your own pace
On Kiron Campus, you will be guided to free courses recommended for you to achieve your goals. You can study from anywhere and at any time.
Be part of a community!-4
Be part of a community!
Join a large community of learners from around the world. Kiron’s support team is also at hand to offer additional services, advice, and counselling.
Gain new skills and advance to the next level-5
Gain new skills and advance to the next level
Collect achievements on Kiron Campus, earn program certificates, and develop skills to prepare for the job market or university. You can learn with Kiron as long as you like.
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