Study with us– On Kiron Campus, you can study free online programs and language courses.

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We offer a variety of online study programs. Explore your options.

01 – Skill booster programs

Choose from hundreds of high quality online programs. Enrol now, learn professional skills and get a certificate in your area of interest, for free!

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  • Study anywhere online
  • Professional skills
  • Enrol anytime
  • 1-6 months
  • Get a certificate
  • Unlimited Places

02 – Study tracks

Choose from five in-depth programs developed with courses from top universities.

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  • Study anywhere online
  • Enrol anytime
  • Engineering, IT, political science, social work, economics
  • Prepare for university
  • +12 months
  • Get a transcript of record

03 – Regional programs & university application

Are you based in Germany, Jordan or Lebanon? Check our programs designed to help you apply to university or to enhance your study experience with us at Kiron.

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  • Study anywhere online
  • Get a course certificate
  • Offline guidance
  • Study centers
  • 3-24 months
  • Get a certificate

04 – Language courses

Choose from free language courses to improve your English or German skills. We also help in determining your language level to guide you to the right course.

    Improve your English
    On Kiron Campus you can enrol in online language course to improve your English.
    Improve your German
    Are you a Kiron student in Germany? Enrol in online language courses to improve your German.

Our campus: – Discover Kiron

On Kiron Campus, our online learning platform, you will find all of our available online study programs. Here you can also connect with our global student community.

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How it works – Kiron Campus offers you different study options to suit your interests.

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