Kiron Campus– Introducing our digital learning platform

On Kiron Campus, our online learning platform, you will find all of our available online study programs. You can get personal support as well as recommendations on which lessons, tutorials and language courses you need to reach your goals.

Track your progress and prepare for university or the job market. Access a large student community, where you can connect with other students worldwide.


Study anytime, anywhere: learning online is a much more flexible solution than taking an offline course or degree. In order to create a motivating and fun learning environment, we include our students in the development of the Kiron Campus.

Study at your own pace
Study for free with your own device - smartphone or laptop
Study high-quality courses from top universities

Kiron Campus:– Learn more about our platform

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Explore the course catalog01
We have courses in tech, language learning, graphic design and more!
Learn professional skills02
Enroll in courses that boost your digital skills like the Google IT Support Professional Certificate and earn a certificate.
Join the student community 03
Our virtual community is a space for you to engage and connect with other students around the world.
Stay motivated with rewards04
You can easily track your progress to manage your learning goals.
Talk to our support team05
Through individual guidance, like our live-chat support, we continuously work on an optimal learning experience for our students.

Our learning solution– What the Campus has to offer

Language learning opportunities-1
Language learning opportunities
Improve your language skills to achieve your professional goals. Explore our current language offerings.
Global student community-2
Global student community
We are here to support you through your online learning journey so that you feel motivated and empowered to succeed.
Hundreds of courses to choose from-3
Hundreds of courses to choose from
Take courses that align with your personal, professional, and academic goals! Whatever you want to learn, you can find it on the Campus.
Individual guidance-4
Individual guidance
We provide answers to various program-specific questions and technical support.

What’s new on Kiron Campus:

Lingoda German courses
Learn German with Lingoda for free! Virtual classes are offered every hour, every weekday.
Mentoring programs
With partners like LinkedIn and TE Connectivity, students can work one on one with a mentor in the industry they are interested in.
TESOL Certificate course
Kiron students can now get certified to teach English. This internationally recognised certificate opens doors to online teaching opportunities globally.
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