What we do- We provide a virtual home for learning, personal growth and collective impact.

Since 2015, Kiron has been offering free online learning opportunities to refugees and underserved communities. We believe that education can change lives, transform communities, and build bridges. That’s why we created the online learning platform Kiron Campus, so we can ensure that our students receive free access to high-quality education for academic, professional and personal growth.

Kiron offers custom-made online study programs using massive open online courses (MOOCs) from renowned educational providers and Open Educational Resources (OER’s). Moreover, we provide skill programs to prepare learners for the job market. We want to empower students with the knowledge, skills, and network they need for future success.


Kiron has offices in Germany, Lebanon, and Jordan. In addition to our digital offerings, we are supporting students in Lebanon and Jordan through blended learning opportunities – the combination of offline- and online education. We also work closely with partners from higher education institutions to see more non-formal credit recognition. Kiron has therefore developed quality assurance principles in alignment with international standards.


Kiron takes a holistic approach to safeguarding: we work to ensure the physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing of our wider community, both in the face-to-face and online environments.

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This is us:

Our Vision
A world where everyone can fulfil their highest potential for a self-determined, dignified life, shaping a sustainable future together.
Our Mission
To provide a virtual home for learning, personal growth and collective impact.
Our Values
These 7 values guide us in our work and support our decision-making every day to make our impact more powerful. They are our Kiron DNA.
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We prioritize our students when making decisions and taking action.
We are dedicated to our vision and mission, our students, partners, and co-workers to work together on collective impact.
As individuals and as a team, we come up with innovative and smart solutions to tackle complex challenges and promote positive change.
We are mindful with each other, our students and our partners - mutual respect is the foundation of successful collaboration.
Social Responsibility
We make responsible decisions valuing their impact on individuals and society.
Continuous learning
We as an organization are constantly expanding our knowledge, continuously iterating and improving, re-examining, experimenting, innovating and reflecting about our work.
Organizational health
We work towards a long-term impact prioritizing financial sustainability and work-life balance.

Our team

Kiron is redefining the way refugees and underserved communities access high quality education. Our team is international, agile and dedicated to our mission of making quality education accessible for all. We work across Germany, Jordan, and Lebanon and are education experts, techies, designers, project managers, communicators, grant writers, researchers, and innovators who work together on this mission every day.

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Dr. Tobias Ernst
Chief Executive Officer
Flora Kwong
Chief Operating Officer
Reem Mansour
Operations and NGO Partnerships Representative
Sanja Sontor
Head of Donor Relations
Karen Schmiady
Senior Partnerships Manager
Katharina Urban
Head of Project Management
Kathrin Dischereit
Partnerships Manager
Rohit Kakar
Head of HR
Chris Staudt
Founder & Software Engineer
Vincent Zimmer
Founder and Shareholder
Markus Kressler
Founder and Shareholder
Hila Azadzoy
Shareholder & Founding Team
Head of Lebanon Office, Carine
Carine Borkhoche
Lebanon Country Director
Lily Scheuerpflug
Partnerships Lead
HR Dorka
Dorka Balazs
Junior People & Culture Manager
Safeguarding officer Elisabeth
Elisabeth Roura Bosch
Scrum Master / Safeguarding Officer
Safeguarding officer Ibrahim
Ibrahim Alaboud
Student Support Officer / Designated Safeguarding Lead for Lebanon
Student Support Officer Elisa
Elisa Pellegrino
Community and Support Manager
Safeguarding officer Dina
Dina Abed Elkhalik
Student Support Officer / Designated Safeguarding Lead for Jordan
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