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Strategic partnerships to meet students’ needs

With a burgeoning suite of training programs, a growing partner network and successful student base, Kiron in Jordan is uniquely positioned to have a significant impact for students and their communities. As we grow and continue to innovate, our office in Jordan has proven its sustainability and is now poised to scale our blended learning certificate program and our student empowerment program in communities across the country.


Blended learning focus

As online learning is very new in the region and in Jordan, we also work on advancing the culture of online learning to different stakeholders: students, faculty members, other NGOs, ministerial bodies and other partners. In order to meet our students’ needs better according to the local context and help them to better understand online learning, we use a blended learning approach in a certificate program format.


Kiron Lebanon at a glance:

300+ students online and offline
47 blended-students graduated with a certificate
35% female students
4 partner universities

Three main pillars of our approach

Transfer and online credits recognition in universities Kiron adapts the online curriculum tracks offered to the Lebanese university model.

Kiron provides the opportunity for the students to study credits for free on the Kiron Campus and then get their online credits recognized when they apply and transfer to a local partner university.
The students will then be able to save tuition fees by transferring the courses they have already studied online, pursue their studies offline and graduate from a bachelor’s degree from that university.

A strong blended learning & support system Online and in-person guidance for students

Kiron offers tailored online and in-person guidance to students depending on the goals that they want to achieve, whether they want to go to university or envisage other pathways. Students have access to our online forum, help center, mentoring services and others, as well as in-person office hours and welcome sessions.

Kiron proposes a blended education initiative, consisting of a digital learning certificate program and peer-to-peer support components. Students are organized in groups and offered access to study centers in different regions of Lebanon. With computers, an internet connection, students pursue their online studies with a tutor present to guide them through the course, and give complementary offline academic support.

A policy advocacy agenda on online learning Advancing the culture and the recognition of online learning

To ensure sustainable prospects for our students and beyond, Kiron also holds a policy advocacy agenda in Lebanon.
We work with multiple stakeholders, students, faculty members, other NGOS and ministerial bodies including the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, in order to advance the culture and the recognition of online learning on a macro-level in the country.

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Along with our partners, we ensure that vulnerable populations receive access to high-quality educational options, tailored to their needs - be it for access to higher education, to start a business or simply to learn a new skill. Whether it’s a grant to support our most innovative work, a customised program to empower our students, or co-creating digital educational solutions - we would like to explore partnership opportunities with you.

Our supporters:We would like to thank our supporters and partners listed here for their generous contributions.

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Kiron proposes a blended learning approach in Lebanon, combining online courses (MOOCs) from renowned Higher Education Institutions on our platform with offline learning in study centers, together with a strong blended student support.
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     Kiron has been a great opportunity for me. I learned a lot about social organizations and their challenges.
Louise, intern
     I always get inspired by our students’ determination, perseverance and love to learn. That’s why we are more than ever keen on giving them the best of our work.
Reem, Evaluation & Workshop coordinator, Jordan

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Chief Executive Officer
Baptiste Ottevaere
Product Owner
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