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Our project: Certificate; Empowerment Program

Reem Mansour
2018 01 30

KSTEP: Kiron Blended Certificate Program & Student Empowerment Program in Princess Basma Community Centers supported by the UNHCR


In 2018, Kiron introduced its first work-study programme (KSTEP) completion of courses and training qualified students for internships; performance in these internships, lead to work opportunities and remuneration. Students, while earning and studying, were becoming more ready for either university transfer or entrepreneurship.

In a 4-month pilot in 2018, Kiron in cooperation with the Jordanian Fund for Human Development and Princess Basma Community Centers in Irbid, Mafraq, and Amman under a UNHCR-funded project  introduced the first Blended Certificate Model and KSTEP Facilitator Program. Courses were launched in Computer Science, English Language, Business & Economics, and Social Work. 125 students completed 211 certificates with a 92% completion/success? rate. Six of these facilitators have transitioned into the tutor/mentor program, 1 of thems has started their own digital business, and 1 has founded/created a private tutoring business.