Miraç’s Story

Christoph Buerglen
07 10 19

Miraç is about to start his bachelor’s degree in law at the Freie Universität Berlin. Before having to leave Turkey and coming to Germany Miraç finished high school in Turkey and started studying criminology and criminal science at the National Police Academy. Miraç is the first of his extended family to study at a university, making his parents very proud. He has a keen interest in the criminal mind as well as in human rights. 

Having previously studied in the related field of criminology and having audited many classes in law at the Humboldt Universität Berlin, Miraç was avid to start another degree in law here in Berlin. Before he could apply, he knew that he would have to improve his German skills. After hearing about Kiron’s language offers, he enrolled right away. A year later, Miraç’s German skills are good enough to start his studies. After being busy with university application and improving his German, Miraç is now setting his sights on improving this English writing skills on Kiron Campus. He says, “I want to write in English like I write in German.”

Being accepted at Freie Universität Berlin was not easy for Miraç. Being asked about his struggles, Miraç sighs, and says “bureaucracy was my biggest problem.” However, these struggles lay behind Miraç now. Last week he picked up his student card from university and felt  “like a six-year-old boy in a toy shop.” 

Even when Miraç was a six-year-old boy, Miraç was a keen learner, reading all of the encyclopedias in his home. Once in school, he was always one of the best students, he recalls.

Looking into the future, Miraç is prepared to work hard to be successful in his studies.

I have to study more than just regular German students. I will not have any weekends, maybe not have any vacation, but it's worth it to try. So I am aware of the struggles ahead of me.
- Miraç, Kiron student

Miraç wants to continue his education but more importantly, he wants to show others that you can achieve what you set your mind to. 

“Once I finish I can say to every other refugee who had to leave their dreams behind, who had to leave their family, who had to leave their school: yes, I’ve done it and you can too!”


Disclaimer: Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.