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Meet Sultan: From Kiron student to Cloud Computing Specialist

Julia Pazos
2021 06 14

Originally from Salamiyah, Syria, 26-year-old Sultan was studying Physics at a university in his hometown, but had to migrate to Germany due to political instability. Not completely sure what to do next but having a strong interest in reaching higher levels of Physics by mastering computer programming skills, he received a suggestion to look into Kiron’s Computer Science courses



His initial experience with virtual learning was tough because it took time to adapt to working more independently and having more accountability. However, he soon realized that being surrounded by other supportive students and with steady internet connection at his disposal, there was nothing holding him back. He went on to study with Kiron for two years and received the certification he needed to start a job in Germany. With not only his certificates but also the rich knowledge and confidence from taking a variety of courses, he soon began working as a cloud computing specialist and a technical consultant. 



Sultan advocates for online learning because he believes that it eliminates numerous bureaucratic barriers faced by many refugees living in their host countries. Being able to skip paperwork and time-consuming arrangements helps students stay motivated and not lose focus of their goals. 



Now, Sultan studies Data Science at London University but still continues his virtual learning on the side. He says he will never stop studying and will definitely take advantage of the large amount of diverse courses offered on the Campus. “The further you go with studying, the further you get to your future job.”